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Outdoor Solar String Lights

Light Up Your Outdoor Entertaining Areas with Solar String Lights!

These outdoor solar string lights are pretty for weddings, outdoor dinners, nighttime pool parties, and any time you want to add pretty decorative touches and illuminating light to your outdoor entertaining areas.

These lights gain their charge by the sunlight, then they light up automatically when it becomes dark. With a full charge they can stay lit up to 10 hours.

Use these solar lights to light up a tree, a plant, a porch post, a garden tent, and so much more. Lights are a must when you are entertaining outdoors at night, or if you simply want to sit on your porch and enjoy a good cup of coffee after dinner.

Light up any outdoor area (or use these indoors, too) with these solar string lights! You have a huge selection to choose from here.

Solar Powered String Lights Outdoor Globe Christmas String Lights

Solar Powered String Lights Outdoor Globe

These solar powered string lights are ideal for patio, porch, and any other outdoor entertaining areas. The Fairy lights will provide lighting for up to 10 hours, and they are waterproof.

Use them outdoors or indoors!

~Eco Saving—-Built-in rechargeable NI-MH battery,recharge and light up automatically
~Easy to Operate & Install—-Simple operation with Two switch and one Stake
~Efficient Absorption & Conversion—-Adjustable solar panel design for direct sunlight in Summer and Winter


Outdoor Solar String Lights

Use these outdoor solar string lights at any party or outdoor event to light up the night in style. These festive lights are fun for Christmas, weddings, and backyard barbecues.

 lederTEK Decorative Solar Christmas Lights White lederTEK Christmas Solar String Lights 72ft lederTEK Solar Outdoor String Lights 20ft Solar Outdoor String Lights 19.7 ft Senbowe™20ft 30 LED Waterproof White Crystal INST Solar Powered LED String Light, Solar String Lights by FirstLights 100 LE® Solar Fairy String Lights 100 LuckLED Solar Powered Globe Outdoor String Solar String Lights Outdoor 15.7ft 20 Solar String Lights,URPOWER® 20ft 30 LED {Longer and Brighter 29ft 50LED} Hallomall™

Blossom Solar String Lights Red Waterproof Outdoor

Available in 7 Colors!

Rextin® 39ft 100 LED Blossom Solar

This wonderful string light illuminates during night, ideal for decorating your gardens, patio, lawn, porch, gate, yard, etc.

The switch allows you to convert to flashing mode, if you desire. Another switch powers the lights on and off. Stays lit up to 8 hours if the panel absorbs enough sunshine during the day.

Waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Blossom Solar String Lights for Outdoor Use

These pretty blossom solar string lights charge in the sunshine, then light your outdoor entertaining areas up to 10 hours at night! You’ll enjoy these on your porch, patio, or in your garden. You can also use them indoors!

 lederTEK Flower Solar Powered Christmas Lights lederTEK Solar Christmas Flower Starry Fairy Solar Christmas String Lights 21ft 50 LuckLED Flower Solar String Lights, 21ft LuckLED Flower Solar String Lights, 21ft LEDniceker Fairy Solar Blossom LED Lights

Solar String Lights 10 LED Outdoor String Lights

Ucharge Solar String Lights 10led Outdoor

These outdoor solar string lights transform solar energy into electricity during the day, then light up automatically when it’s dark. They work 6-8 hours when fully charged.

These are pretty on a plant, a wreath, a tree, in your garden, and more.

They are waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These make pretty, decorative accents anywhere.


More Outdoor Solar String Lights

Light up any area indoors or outdoors with these pretty solar lights. Save electricity by using solar energy to light your patio, porch, or garden areas. These are also pretty strung through tree branches or on houseplants.

 lederTEK Decorative Solar Christmas Lights White lederTEK Christmas Solar String Lights 72ft lederTEK Decorative Solar Powered Christmas Lights lederTEK Solar Christmas Lights 72ft 200 LEDniceker Multi-colored Solar LED String Lights Ucharge Solar Powered Fairy String Lights lederTEK Decorative Solar Powered Christmas Lights [Upgraded] 65Ft Long 200 LED Outdoor Ucharge Solar Powered LED Outdoor String

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  1. The effects of outdoor solar string lights in the garden at night is just gorgeous. I used an electric cable one for decades on my trees and it was always a challenge to not break the wire on the garden paths, so I think solar lights are such a much better idea!!

  2. I am eager to learn more about lights like this because of safety issues. It is so dark when I come home, and I would like to light my way in an ecologically and economically sound way. These outdoor solar string lights sound promising.

  3. This reminds me that I have some solar strings to install in the garden and the veranda. But also saw some styles that attract me more than those that I already have at home. Your selection makes food for thoughts and make me want to drive to the store to buy some new ones ;)

  4. These solar lights are a great idea for daughter’s birthday — she will enjoy around the pool.

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