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Pag Island, Croatia – the Perfect Destination for an Active Holiday

Croatia is an increasingly popular destination with tourists from all over the world.Besides great city breaks opportunities in towns like Dubrovnik, Split or Zagreb, Croatia’s attractions include magnificent natural sites, modern seaside resorts and an impressive number of islands and islets.

Separated from mainland by Velebit Channel, Pag Island is the perfect choice for those who want to have an active holiday. Although the island’s 270 km of seashore provide it with great beaches where you can simply relax, there are plenty of other things to do on Pag Island.


The island of Pag has over 115 km of mountain biking trails that allow bike riders to explore the whole beauty and diversity of the island’s landscape. Just pick one of the 14 bike trails for each ride. At the end of your holiday, you will find it difficult to nominate the best.

Image courtesy of Karen V Bryan on Flickr.

Nature exploration

Pag Island

One of the greatest advantages PagIsland offers to its visitors is its strategic location in the proximity of some most beautiful national parks. This makes the island an ideal starting point for trips to Plitvice Lakes and Kornati National Parks, to Krka Falls, as well as to other Croatian islands like Rab and Lošinj.

Scuba diving

If one of your passions is exploring the seabed, you will certainly appreciate the opportunities PagIsland provides. Accompanied by professional divers, you can explore the amphorae site of a Roman commercial vessel dating from the first century, located in the Velebit channel at 30 m depth.

The Caske area is also interesting because here you can see the remains of a submerged city. Slana cove makes an interesting discovery because of its impressive underwater cliffs covered by strewn grass, but this area is not recommended to amateurs. You will find here small cavities and a large beautiful cave, which you should not enter without a professional local guide.

Rock Climbing

Island Pag, CroatiaOn PagIsland you will find rather high cliffs that have oblique and extravagant shapes because of their exposure to sea currents. Experienced climbers will certainly have a blast climbing the summit of Sv. Vid and the cliffs above Ručica beach, located Northwest of the PagBay.

One of these sport (Stogaj) is mentioned in many European climbing guides. Besides the adrenaline filling experience extreme sports lovers seek, these cliffs provide a great opportunity to admire the magnificent views of the island of Pag.

Image courtesy of MajaMarko on Flickr.

Beach and Water Sports

Mother Nature was extremely generous with PagIsland, providing it with the most beautiful pebble and sandy beaches in the Adriatic Sea. Many of them (Trinćel, Zrće, Straško) have been awarded the Blue Flag statues. If you want an active holiday on the island of Pag, the beaches are the places to go as they offer plenty of opportunities to practice water and beach sports like jet skiing, water skiing, wind surfing, beach volleyball, and tennis.

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