Easy Chunky Salad Recipe Sometimes you just want a salad.  A big salad.  This Easy Chunky Salad Recipe will definitely satisfy the need for a big healthy salad.  Most people make a salad the same way.  Chop up some lettuce, a tomato, and some cucumber.  Maybe a little onion and/carrots.  Then they top it with […]

Easy Chunky Salad Recipe

Have your kids been naughty or nice this year? We all know that Santa makes a list and checks it twice every year to see who should get presents and who should get a lump of coal, and if your kids don’t wake up on Christmas morning to a big black lump in their stocking, […]

Put Your Kids on Santa’s Nice List

If you are looking for hardwood floors in Rock Hill, Outlook Floormasters   can provide beautiful floors for you. Outlook Floormasters is locally owned and operated.  You will find trusted, friendly professionals, high quality products, great service and affordable pricing. 803-329-1132          Located in front of the Newport WalMart in Rock Hill. 4859 Old York Road, Rock […]

Hardwood Floors in Rock Hill

Fast and Easy Lasagna Recipe. Enjoy my Easy Lasagna Recipe. About 3 or 4 times a month we make this Lasagna Recipe. This easy lasagna recipe has easy to follow directions plus a lasagna recipe cooking video that shows you how to make an easy lasagna recipe. My quick and easy Mexican lasagna recipe will blow your dinner guests […]

Easy Lasagna Recipe
Halloween Rice Crispy Treats Recipe

Halloween Rice Crispy Treats Recipe This Halloween Rice Crispy Treats recipe is easy to make for your Halloween get together. My version is a variation on the traditional Rice Krispy Treats recipe and it’s perfect for Halloween. I’ve been making it for years for my family and it’s one of their favorites. Trust me, it […]

Halloween Rice Crispy Treats Recipe

Fun Halloween Cookie Recipes Halloween cookie recipes are fun to make and of course everyone loves eating them.  There is plenty of room for creativity with Halloween cookie recipes.  Halloween cookies are great for after school snacks for the kids, for a bake sale, or to take to a Halloween party.  Have some ready in […]

Halloween Cookie Recipes
Bisquick Pancake Recipe

Bisquick Pancakes Recipe. Try my version of Bisquick Pancakes Recipe that I learned how to cook during my many years of making breakfast for the family. Make a great tasting breakfast with my bisquick pancake recipe. Bisquick Pancakes are a hit for breakfast in my neck of the woods. Bisquick Pancakes are amazing! My kids eat Bisquick pancakes up like […]

Bisquick Pancake Recipe
Newborn Halloween Costumes

Newborn Halloween Costumes Newborn Halloween Costumes make it possible for your new baby to participate in the Halloween festivities in style!  Newborn Halloween costumes are especially made with your baby’s comfort in mind.  Many newborn Halloween costumes are designed to be roomy enough for your baby to wear clothing underneath.  Some years and in some […]

Newborn Halloween Costumes
Cocktail Weiner Recipe

Cocktail Weiner Recipe This cocktail weiner recipe is one that we made for my Dad’s 80th birthday party.  We decided to go with finger foods and appetizers and the cocktail weiner recipe fit right in.  We set out a buffet of croissants, chicken salad, ham salad, potato skins, pickles, olives, carrot and celery sticks, cookies, […]

Cocktail Weiner Recipe

Ode to Knut Knut the Polar Bear created quite a fuss in in his short life.  Born in captivity, Knut was rejected by his mother, resulting in his being raised by humans at the Berlin Zoo where he lived.  This in itself was controversial, in that some animal rights activists objected, arguing that he should […]

Knut the Polar Bear

This hamburger soup recipe is a comfort food that I would often make for my children when they were young. It is hearty, nutritious, easy to make, and inexpensive! It stretches a long way, especially with smaller children who don’t eat that much. Another nice thing about this hamburger soup recipe is that you can […]

Hamburger Soup Recipe
Model Coco Rocha's Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitations Inspired by Celebrity Weddings To some extent, we all love to follow the lives and activities of celebrities. Be it our favorite sportsman or woman, actor or actress, model,  or simply a “lifestyle” celebrity. Many of us follow their fashions and trends, some of us follow almost everything that our favorite celebrity does […]

Celebrity Inspired Wedding Invitations

Do you send out Christmas Cards? I know many people do. Some like to also send a family picture with their card.  I have some cards on here you might like to send this year.   Christmas Tree and Snowflakes Tree Design Christmas Card You can view these and more cards at my Zazzle store: […]

Christmas Cards
book bag

Not By Might by Al Lacy Not By Might is a western novel with lots of preachy  background. This is book 8 in the Angel of Mercy series.  The main characters are  John and Breanna Brockman. John is Chief U.S. Marshal. Breanna is a nurse at the Denver hospital and part time visiting nurse. They […]

Not By Might by Al Lacy

CM Punk Best in the World CM Punk is a professional wrestler that currently wrestles for the WWE Raw brand. CM Punk has been with the WWE since 2005 and has won several championships during that time. CM Punk has recently awakened the WWE Universe with his tell it like it is attitude and his […]

CM Punk

Cool Harley Davidson iPad Cases Cover your valuable iPad with a Harley Davidson case! There are tons of sleek cool designs from Harley Davidson to general motorcycle themes to protect your iPad. Add some style and class to an otherwise boring look – the back of your iPad! Harley Davidson iPad Cases and Covers. These […]

Harley Davidson iPad Cases
Zeppelin Pirate Captain Image

Talk like a Zeppelin Pirate? If you like Steampunk, you know about Zeppelin Pirates. Those nasty dogs of the air, boarding unsuspecting zeppelins to loot the passengers, sometimes recruiting lusty young men, ladies, and robots to join their motley crew. Nobody is safe from their exploits, no fine, upstanding captain of the airways can say […]

Zeppelin Pirate Shirts and Gifts

Maybe you are still just thinking about whether to start an adult ballet class. And you wonder about stretching exercises – where do you begin. Probably you are a little more limber than the “average” adult who would like to dance, maybe in adult ballet. You have a feel for movement and love music and […]

Stretching Exercises For Adult Ballet

Halloween bathroom décor is perfect for those who celebrate Halloween by going all out. It is an inexpensive way to not only put yourself into the holiday mood, but it is also enjoyable for guests. Instead of doing the hum-drum minimum decoration this year, expand the decorations into every room in the house, including the […]

Halloween Bathroom Decor
book bag

The Interdimensional Dumpster is a children’s book. Willie Ford, a 12 year old adopted boy discovers that he had been found in a dumpster. A thief had committed a robbery and when the police got after him he jumped into a dumpster and was never caught. When the police looked in the dumpster all they found […]

The Interdimensional Dumpster by Ray Connor
Design a Onesie

Design a Onesie With Your Own Ideas Ever wish you could design a onesie with a certain saying on it, or maybe have it personalized with baby’s name?  Zazzle, a print on demand company, has made that possible.  You upload your design and they do the printing and the shipping.  If you want just text, […]

Design a Onesie
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