Make Your Own Custom Bumper Stickers Do you hate tailgaters as much as I do? Tell them to back off with a make your own bumper sticker! Design your own bumper stickers and send the message you want to say to the idiot driver behind you! Tailgaters need to be taught a lesson and you […]

How To Make Your Own Bumper Stickers

Custom Make Your Own Vans Shoes Online Make your own vans shoes! ProKeds shoes are the style of Van shoes that kids love these days.   They are cool looking, can be personalized, and are comfortable as heck! Kids loves these shoes, and what makes it even better, is no two shoes have to be alike.  […]

Make Your Own Vans

Unique Baby Outfits For Your Infant Ruscal Nature Designs brings you the cutest baby outfits!  If you like cute animal art, you will love these cool baby outfits. Each design is available on a creeper, an organic onesie, a short sleeve t-shirt, or a long sleeve t-shirt. Every item can also be customized or personalized […]

Unique Baby Outfits

Plain Jayne Plain Jayne Tate works for a big city newspaper  in Oregon. Her Father had recently passed away and she had gone home for the funeral but she and her family were not close. Her boss at the paper insists  Jayne takes a few weeks off and if she does not he will fire her. Jayne […]

Plain Jayne by Hillary Manton Lodge
Yak Pak Backpack

Mom it is time to get ready for back to school!  Hooray!!! (shh, the kids will hear you!) If your child is always loosing their backpack or telling you that it was stolen, I got news for you mom…. It Wasn’t!   They just hate the backpacks you keep picking out for them. I work in […]

School Backbacks Your Kids Will Love

 The Bridge of Peace. An Ada’s House Novel The Bridge Of Peace is the second book of the Ada’s House Novels. In the first book Ephriam an Amish man had found Cara and her daughter Lori living in an old barn on some property he owned. Cara’s Grandmother had been Amish  but Cara’s Mom had […]

The Bridge of Peace by Cindy Woodsmall

   Breath of Angel                 Breath of Angel is a novel about two immortal brothers who are feuding. They  had destroyed the stairway to heaven stranding angels  in the earthly realm.                           Melaia, a young priestess witnessed the murder of a stranger in the temple. She discovers wings on the stranger just before the murderer arrived  […]

Breath of Angel by Karyn Henly
Bruce Lee The Man

Bruce Lee – The Little Dragon You remember the little skinny kid that kicked a lot of butt back in the early 70’s in movies like Enter The Dragon and The Chinese Connection. Yea that’s the one! BRUCE LEE, not Jet Li, not Jackie Chan or any of those other guys. Bruce Lee was the […]

Bruce Lee The Man, The Legend, The Little Dragon

Hello Pioneers! First off a big howdy to you all!  The site stats have been amazing and we are really, really, really excited about that!! Just few reminders we want to bring up: • August is Education month and you don’t want to miss out on the cash prize contest.  Not to mention all the […]

Low Quality? Panda Update?
Photo Wedding Invitations that are Affordable and Unique

Photo Wedding Invitations make a unique statement Photo Wedding invitations are a wonderful way to add a unique touch to your Wedding stationery and a super excuse to have a pre-wedding photography session. Photo Wedding invitations will be a thing that your Wedding guests will love to keep as a memento of your Wedding day […]

Photo Wedding Invitations that are Affordable and Unique
tote bag

 Dinner with a Perfect Stranger. A one of a kind experience. Nick receives a dinner invitation on his desk. It is inviting him to dine with Jesus of Nazareth at a local Italian restaurant. He isn’t sure he should go as it probably is a prank being pulled by his buddies.  Nick keeps expecting his friends […]

Dinner with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory
Cartesian Bear's portrait of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin Shirts & Gifts, by Cartesian Bear Charles Darwin was the Victorian-era biologist best known for popularizing the concept of evolution, and for hinting that humans may have evolved, too. His book, On the Origin of Species, is considered one of the most important scientific works of the 19th century. These products feature a […]

Charles Darwin Shirts & Gifts

In 2010, the company that my husband, and sons, work for transferred them to Greenville, South Carolina. When I was told the news, I immediately began researching the area, having never been to that side of South Carolina, referred to as the Upstate. I had only ever been to the midlands and low country. As […]

Falls Park in Greenville, South Carolina

My husband, and I, were both band students in Junior high (now referred to as Middle School in most, if not all, areas). We both played Alto Saxophone. He carried on for a few years in band. I, however, only participated in band for one year. Most of my friends were in chorus, and looked […]

I Am A Band Parent!

Go wild with a customizable zebra print iPod case. Don’t risk untimely scratches or cracks to your iPod Touch! Protect your iPod Touch with a fashionable zebra case. Show off your own unique personality and style with a customizable zebra print Speck case for your iPod touch 4G. These zebra print iPod cases are lightweight and […]

Zebra Print iPod Cases

      The Centurion’s Wife The Centurion’s Wife is book 1 of Acts of Faith. It is a story of a young girl named Leah who worked in the palace of Pontius Pilate. She took care of his wife, Procula. The story takes place around the Passover. Procula had been in Jerusalem and came home with headaches and nightmare dreams. […]

The Centurion’s Wife by Davis Bunn and Janette Oke
Count Dracula Party Invitations

With Halloween party preparations looming I felt it was time to add some new designs to my Halloween Tees store on Zazzle. What better way to start this year than with “The Count” himself. The story of Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic character Count Dracula has certainly stood the test of time, with further tales written […]

Count Dracula Party Invitations
Bride and Groom

Chic and Affordable Black and White Invitations for Your Wedding in Black and White Templates   We have a wide selection of affordable black and white Wedding Invitation templates to present to you from a number of talented Wedding designers at Zazzle. Ranging from simple, traditional invitation styles to unusual, modern designs. With such a […]

Affordable Black and White Wedding Invitation Templates
book bag

      The Preacher’s Bride The Preacher”s Bride is a novel set in early Bedford England. John, the preacher/tinker has just lost his wife to childbed fever. He has a new born son, a 2 year old, 4 year old and 8 year old blind daughter and needs some one to help with them though he […]

The Preacher’s Bride by Jody Hedlund

I have 5 kids…The three youngest are all girls. When my two older girls, now age 20 and almost 18 and both in college, were in their early teens, they inspired me to create my ♥Love Doodles♥ design. I got my inspiration, and a flood of memories, from all their little lovestruck doodlings on notebooks, […]

Love Doodles
Dinky with his Christmas Sleigh

  Three things that almost all of us love – cartoons, animals and Christmas – what could be better than that? Well I’ll tell you exactly what, the fun and innovative Christmas cartoon animals created by Animatastic… that’s what! Animatastic is an online store with some of the cutest animals you will ever see. Using […]

Cute Cartoon Animals for Christmas
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