If you are a journaler, you have quickly learned the importance of using a binder that you can refill. These 3 hole binders are perfect for special journaling as well as daily journaling. Do you write 3 pages a day for personal journaling? A 3 ring binder will allow you to refill pages and keep […]

Journaling Binders
Ballet pictures in YOUR brain - how to take advatage.

When I was young and taking ballet classes I used to pour over ballet pictures for hours. Ballet movies were not yet generally available and they showed up few and far between in the movie theaters. Without knowing it, I was engaging in what would be called brain games, or creative visualization. After I got […]

Ballet Pictures Creative Visualization And Brain Games

Many people would like to take adult ballet. And even dream about achieving the ballet technique to get into ballet pointe shoes. And why not. Is this you? Traditionally, this idea has seemed to be something strictly off limits. Yet, if an adult was to gain the ballet technique, starting at just once a week, […]

Adult Ballet And Ballet Pointe Shoes

Beautiful Steampunk Custom Speakers Steampunk art is whimsical, quirky, and it looks great on custom speakers.  Steampunk custom speakers are great gifts for fans of the genre.  I’m sure a steampunk custom speaker would fit nicely into a Christmas stocking or it would make a nice treat for yourself. The Doodle Speaker is small, light, […]

Steampunk Custom Speakers

Dodge Viper With the future of the Dodge Viper being confirmed that it will continue with a 2013 model that is expected to be available by late 2012. Dodge Viper fans are thrilled and excited to hear what the future Viper will be like. Rumors have it that the 2013 Dodge Viper will remain with […]

2013 Dodge Viper
harry potter back to school binders

Back To School Harry Potter Binders Celebrate Back To School and the recent release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with these Harry Potter School Binders. Harry Potter School Binders Decorated with colorful artwork and movie scenery, these Harry Potter Back to School Binders are the perfect way to organize your daily growing […]

Harry Potter Back To School Binders
motorcycle iphone ipad cases

Motorcycle iPad and iPhone Cases iPhone and iPad cases are available in many themes, colors, and styles. There are tons of Motorcycle themed iPad and iPhone covers and cases for you to pick through.  I have scoured the deep ends of the Zazzle marketplace to bring you the very best iPad and iPhone cases and […]

Motorcycle iPad Cases
biker t-shirts for men

Biker T-shirts for Men Looking for the perfect gift for a man who enjoys riding motorcycles? Need a birthday present for a male biker? Christmas is coming up soon, these motorcycle t-shirts for men make a great gift for motorcycle owners! Get on your bike, crank the motor up and hit the open road! Motorcycles, […]

Motorcycle T-shirts for Men

I recently attended the Social Media Marketing Conference in New York at the Pennsylvania Hotel across from Penn Station last Wednesday, July 27. I learned a lot and also contributed to some of the discussions. It was given by Skillpath and some of the seminars on writing, tracking results, and monitoring your online reputation. A […]

Attended the New Social Media Conference on Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Pumpkins in love

        A silly simplistic little poem about    the most important thing in the world –                               Love!    Warm the cockles of your heart and                              Laugh!                    Here’s the Link:   Pumpkin Pie – a Love Poem      

Pumpkin Pie – a Love Poem
superman t-shirt

Superman T-shirts Get your Superman T-shirts here!  America’s greatest superhero,  Superman.  Ever since his first appearance in Action Comics #1 in June of 1938, Superman had become developed into a cultural icon.  After his debut in Action Comics, Superman went on to star in radio serials, newspaper strips, tv shows, movies and finally video games.  […]

Superman T-shirts
lady storm chaser

Lady Storm Chaser T-shirts and Gifts Storm chasing is more than just a hobby for some. It is their life passion. Chasing storms across the plains and through tornado alley is exciting and educational. Storm Chaser Gifts for Ladies. Need a Christmas gift or birthday present for a Lady Storm Chaser? These products are all original […]

Lady Storm Chaser

The quality of air in your home is affected by many more factors than simply what is coming in the window from outside. For instance, if you bought a home in a fresh air country community, your indoors would be highly polluted by out gassing wood, carpets, plastics, furniture, perhaps vinyl linoleum, glues, and more. […]

Causes of Indoor Air Pollution
A handy green food supplement.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are everywhere in our bodies, our food, and our environments. The reasons why these compounds affect us adversely, is because their molecules are similar to the shape of our hormone receptors. A Short List Of Chemicals That Disrupt Our Hormones  mercury found in your mouth – your “silver” dental fillings pesticides, now […]

Hormone Disruption And Your Exposure To Chemicals
Increase Your Ballet Turnout

Ballet turnout is important. But not in the way you think. First of all, many people have turnout from their hip joint, and some do not. This depends on the way your hip joint is shaped. (One of a few factors). Some people have hips that hold the top of the thigh bone in a […]

Can You Increase Your Ballet Turnout – It Doesn’t Matter If You Know How To Use It
Wordpress And Blogging Strategies Seminar with 3 dates to choose for August

WordPress And Blogging Strategies Seminar with 3 dates to choose for August A seminar in August 2011 on WordPress blogging strategies. How to catapult your blog search engine rankings and income potential. How to get more comments on your blogs   Attendees can select one of 3 Saturdays to attend: August 6 August 13 August […]

WordPress And Blogging Strategies Seminar with 3 dates to choose for August
Stuffed Animal Speakers for Boys and Girls

What young animal lover wouldn’t like to listen to music using one of these stuffed animal speakers? These adorable animal speakers make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas or just to say “I love you” any time. Both boys and girls would love them. Click one of these cuties into your mp3 player and listen […]

Stuffed Animal Speakers

Steampunk Posters If you like whimsy, fantasy and sci fi all mixed together with romance and the British Victorian era, you might like steampunk. Steampunk posters capture the beautiful art style of the steampunk genre. Steampunk is usually set in an era that was powered by steam such as British Victoria, however sometimes it is […]

Steampunk Posters

A chocolate strawberry smoothie rocked my world today!  After a session of hot yoga this morning, I decided I needed a cold treat that would offer me a little protein and iron to boot.  I daydreamed of my smoothie the whole way home from the gym, carefully deciding what ingredients I would throw into the blender.  […]

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

  Clarinets are wonderful instruments! Whether being used to play lovely classical music or jamming away on some cool jazz they are very versatile and fun to play. If you are a clarinet player or have a friend who does, I think you will find these clarinet iphone cases interesting. This collection of designs has […]

Clarinet iPhone Cases
camouflage iphone case

Camouflage iPhone Cases and Covers Camouflage iphone cases are a great way to remember your loved one while they are away serving in the military. You can also honor a fallen hero on your iPhone in a military camouflage theme. iPhone Cases Help Protect from Damage. Camouflage iphone cases and covers also protect your expensive iPhone from […]

Camouflage iPhone Cases
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