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Recipe for Sugar Free, No Flour Peanut Butter Cookies You can enjoy the deliciousness of peanut butter cookies without using refined sugar or flour. This recipe shows you how to use Splenda in place of the sugar, these cookies are a delectable treat for all! These cookies are terrific for Diabetics or for those who […]

Sugar Free, No Flour Peanut Butter Cookies

Vinegar Has Many Great Uses! There are many uses for vinegar. I use it for several different things. It is something that just about every household has on hand. You can purchase it in large bottles for very reasonable prices, too. It’s much cheaper than cleaning products and will not harm the environment, either, so […]

Uses for Vinegar

Potato Candy is Delicious! My mom used to make potato candy one or two times every year. She would always make it for Christmas along with some of her best cookies. It was such a treat, and even though potatoes and peanut butter might not sound good mixed together, you have got to taste it […]

Potato Candy Recipe

Visit Nelis’ Dutch Village Located in Holland, Michigan Nelis’ Dutch Village was my favorite place to visit as a child. I went there often on school trips and with my family. It was so much fun looking in the gift shops and visiting the village homes and animal petting/feeding areas. I rode the carousel, but […]

Nelis’ Dutch Village in Holland, Michigan

Mother’s Magnificent Recipes My mom was an excellent cook! She grew up in the country, where they made everything from scratch. From milk gravy with sour dough biscuits, homemade pie or cobbler, wonderful cakes, and the list goes on and on. I’m going to share a few of her great recipes here. Unfortunately she didn’t […]

Mother’s Magnificent Recipes

Bunny Cake Pattern for Easter or Springtime Every Easter since when I was a child, my mom and I would make a bunny cake. I think she saw the pattern for the cake in a magazine and was brave enough to try it. I realize now how simple it really is, and it’s great fun […]

Make a Bunny Cake

Make Suet At Home It’s easy and rewarding to make suet for the wild birds in your yard. Keep the birds well fed during the winter season or all year around with suet they will love and appreciate. This recipe is easy to make at home. You can do large batches at a time and […]

Homemade Suet Recipe

Make Your Own Glass Cleaner! Window Washer at the Arizona Science Center I co-owned a commercial janitorial service for five years, and we made our own glass cleaner. It was more economical for us, and it really cleaned windows and other glass well without streaking. I’m sharing that recipe and another homemade glass cleaner recipe […]

Homemade Glass Cleaner

Easy Macaroni Salad This macaroni salad recipe is very flexible as far as ingredients are concerned. You can easily change it to satisfy your family’s taste preferences. I will share how I make it here, but you can experiment and come up with other little tidbits and ingredients to personalize it yourself. This is perfect […]

Easy Macaroni Salad Recipe

You Can Cut Up a Watermelon in a Variety of Ways There are a variety of ways to cut up a watermelon. It pretty much depends on your own personal preference as to how you choose to do it. If you’re cutting it for a party or for guests, you might want to do it […]

Cutting Up a Watermelon

My Favorite Christmas Cookies Baking cookies for Christmas has been a long-time family tradition for me. Of course these cookies are good any time of the year, but Christmas and cookies just go together, don’t you think? Every year my mom and I baked the sugar cookies, peanut butter with kisses, raspberry almond, and on […]

Christmas Cookie Recipes

Cats…I’ve Had a Few My family had cats off an on as I was growing up. I moved back home in my late 20s and we decided to get a couple of cats. Unfortunately right after that, I ended up moving 45 minutes away for a job, so I missed much of their growing up […]

My Cats ~ My Family

Banana Pudding: A Quick and Easy Dessert Banana pudding is one of my favorite desserts. I’ve always enjoyed it. I now make it with sugar-free pudding, though, because I’m Diabetic. Even if you’re watching your sugar or caloric intake, you can still occasionally enjoy your favorite dessert recipes. This really is easy to make and […]

Banana Pudding Recipe

Why You Should Keep a Gratitude Journal In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we often forget to take a few minutes to realize how blessed we are. Our hectic schedules drive us to work, cook, clean, run errands, and more. With so much to do in the days, weeks, and months that go […]

Why You Should Keep a Gratitude Journal

3 Ways to Get Along with Co-Workers There’s a good chance you spend more time with co-workers than almost any other person in your life. So you must work as a team and cultivate strong relationships. After all, your team can make the difference between success and failure on a project. Strategies such as building […]

Get Along with the People You Work With

Mugs About Coffee One thing is certain. People love their coffee, and yes, it’s always coffee time! One of these cute mugs would be great to have at work. You will always know which one is yours. If you work at home, well, it’s always nice to have a “work mug.” Our mugs come in […]

Coffee Mugs

Gertrude Gumshoe- the Delightful adventures of the Geriatric Detective by Robin Merrill Gertrude the detective is the crazy cat lady with a purpose – she loves to solve crimes! This cozy mystery series is the one I have been waiting for – not too gory or spooky, full of humor and with endearing characters. Gertrude […]

Gertrude Gumshoe- the Delightful adventures of the Geriatric Detective

Inspirational Planners I don’t know about you but I rely on my planner. I mostly use it to keep track of appointments and commitments so I can be sure not to schedule something when I already have something else planned. I can check each upcoming week and see what I need to do to be […]

Inspirational Planners

You Can Reduce Procrastination With Simple Self Help Steps Procrastination isn’t just a symptom; it’s a condition. It tends to develop over time and can also lead to other issues. If you procrastinate, you may want to stop and ask yourself what exactly it is that you are “putting off” and if it is even […]

How to Reduce Procrastination

Scripture Magnets for Gifting Magnets such as these are perfect for a small keepsake gift. They are great for stocking stuffers or maybe an add-on to a larger gift. Friends will appreciate a magnet as a token of your friendship. Scripture Magnets for Christmas I belong to a Ladie’s Bible Study Group that meets once […]

Scripture Magnets

Need Some Ideas For Using That Sour Cream In The Fridge? I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine ever opening up my fridge without seeing a tub of sour cream in it. I use it on so many meals, it makes everything a “comfort food” to me when I slather it on top, […]

3 Things To Do With Sour Cream