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Inspirational Planners I don’t know about you but I rely on my planner. I mostly use it to keep track of appointments and commitments so I can be sure not to schedule something when I already have something else planned. I can check each upcoming week and see what I need to do to be […]

Inspirational Planners

You Can Reduce Procrastination With Simple Self Help Steps Procrastination isn’t just a symptom; it’s a condition. It tends to develop over time and can also lead to other issues. If you procrastinate, you may want to stop and ask yourself what exactly it is that you are “putting off” and if it is even […]

How to Reduce Procrastination

Scripture Magnets for Gifting Magnets such as these are perfect for a small keepsake gift. They are great for stocking stuffers or maybe an add-on to a larger gift. Friends will appreciate a magnet as a token of your friendship. Scripture Magnets for Christmas I belong to a Ladie’s Bible Study Group that meets once […]

Scripture Magnets

Need Some Ideas For Using That Sour Cream In The Fridge? I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine ever opening up my fridge without seeing a tub of sour cream in it. I use it on so many meals, it makes everything a “comfort food” to me when I slather it on top, […]

3 Things To Do With Sour Cream

Signs showing that you’ve found your calling Discovering your true calling might seem like an unattainable dream. Perhaps it sounds like a cliché or a waste of time. Yet when you find what you’re meant to do, this leads to an epiphany about what genuinely matters to you and your family. Your life and your […]


Traits That Will Bring You Success Success is a culmination of a series of decisions and events. People become successful after going through a series of trials and tribulations along the way – however, all people who have achieved success share some common traits. You can find these traits in successful individuals, regardless of whether […]

10 Traits That Will Bring You Success and Get You Through Any Day

This is the Place to Put More Mandalorian Fun in Your Life! Did you know that there were Games and Puzzles featuring The Mandalorian? There are many! All kinds, from jigsaw puzzles to puzzle books. Not only puzzle books but coloring books, sticker books and activity books. Not to mention games! Card games, board games […]

The Mandalorian Games and Puzzles

How to Age Gracefully How do you feel about someday turning sixty, seventy, or eighty? Perhaps you struggle to imagine yourself growing older. Maybe you’re not looking forward to your golden years. Aging, for many, includes becoming inactive and experiencing failing health. However, you can retain your vigor and enjoy a positive existence, if you […]

You’re Getting Older

Here are some excellent anti-aging techniques you can use each day: You can do yourself a great service by taking care of your mind and body as you grow older. When you take care of yourself, it slows the aging process and you can stay fit and alert well into your senior years. The major […]

10 Anti-Aging Techniques

What Wrinkles Really Mean: Visible Aging and Your Heart Health These simple, yet effective, tips will help protect your skin and keep it looking fresh, healthy, and youthful. Plus, you can adapt them with very little cost or effort. However, you need to also be aware that the wrinkles you see on your face and […]

What Wrinkles Really Mean: Visible Aging and Your Heart Health

Got Acne? Get Blemish-Free Skin with Inexpensive, Natural Remedies! Acne can detract from your appearance and cause emotional distress, but blemishes can be managed effectively without expensive potions. Learn to separate the myths from the facts about acne. Get your flare-ups under control with safe and affordable remedies. Learn More About At Home Acne Prevention […]

Got Acne?

Do You Love The Mandalorian? This is the Shop for You! If you love the show The Mandalorian, and you need more of Mando in your life, you are in the right place! Need some Mando t shirts? We got them. Need a Mando helmet? We got your covered. Looking for something a little more […]

The Mandalorian Shop

Do You Really Appreciate Yourself? It’s often more challenging to see what we’re doing right than what we’re doing wrong. Even reflecting on our admirable characteristics makes some of us nervous. Appreciation and compliments can make us uncomfortable, and we sometimes don’t know how to react without appearing self-conscious. So, how can we positively appreciate […]

Ways To Appreciate Yourself More

Are you shy? Does the thought of speaking in a group have you making up excuses? Or are you afraid of having a conversation with a new friend? Shyness is surprisingly very common. Survey results report that about 40 to 60 percent of all adults identify as someone shy. However, like all character traits, shyness […]

Easy Ways To Stop Being Shy

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, one should know the history of this holiday. Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He was born along the west coast of Britain in the village of Bannavem of Taburnia. Raiders captured Patrick with thousands of people, sold as slaves. Around 460 A.D. on […]

Saint Patrick History, Invitations, and T-Shirts

What Is A Junk Journal? Have you heard about the new hobby craft trend to handmake notebooks called junk journals? I think they are absolutely brilliant and have been making them for a couple of years now, using up all my old papercraft supplies and having a ton of fun. One of the things I […]

Junk Journals For Beginners

Achieve Personal Satisfaction By Setting Boundaries Have you ever felt like you could achieve more if other people would respect your decisions, your time, your space and other things? But we don’t live in a solitary world – you have to interact with others, such as family, friends, coworkers and more. The level of personal […]

Achieve Personal Satisfaction By Setting Boundaries

Win Win Negotiation Skills – And Get What You Want More Often Negotiation skills have never been more important. There are fewer good jobs available and conflict around the world is commonplace. You negotiate daily even if you don’t realize it. Whether it’s asking for a raise, choosing a restaurant to meet for lunch, or […]

Win Win Negotiation Skills

What Is Meant by a Bad Habit? Every New Year millions of people make resolutions to get rid of their ‘bad habits’ and to start new ones. Most fail miserably to change their behaviour. Here is a chance to learn about habits and what makes one bad or good for your wellbeing and lifestyle goals. […]

What Makes a Habit a BAD one?

Commit To Your Goals This Year! How often have you set a goal for yourself, worked on it for a little while and then given up? Don’t feel bad about it. It happens to everyone. What you need to realize is the people who set goals and achieve them have had a lot of practice. […]

Commit To Your Goals

If you want to be better and grow as a person you must work on yourself. Your life, your choices, who you are is highly customizable throughout your lifetime. When you identify, accept and use the personal power within you to affect change within yourself, you will see incredible rewards and changes in your life, […]

New Year – New You!