Patio Cooler Table

A Cool Patio Table That Is Also a Cooler!

I was browsing on Amazon one day and came across this cool patio table. You can use it solely as a table or solely as a cooler for beverages, or use it as both at the same time.

I’ve never seen anything quite like this before, and I had to share it here with you. Now I personally don’t throw parties or have large gatherings of people over at one time, but this table is so reasonably priced, that I might just get one because I think it’s so cool!

These tables make an elegant addition to your patio and outdoor entertaining area.

Use it for outdoor gatherings, pool parties and at other entertaining events. These are great for outdoor graduation parties, wedding receptions and more!

Keter Rattan Cool Bar

Keter Rattan Cool Bar

This is a cooler and a cocktail table all in one. Imagine loading this with ice and placing bottled or canned beverages in it then closing it. When guests arrive, you magically pull the top up and it becomes a cocktail table for two! People are going to love this unique outdoor accessory. The pretty dark brown rattan is elegant and lovely too. It will really add some class and interest to your backyard entertainment area!

This table includes a drain plug to drain the melted ice when your party is over or you need to refill! This table is easy to assemble and easy to use. You and your guests will love it!

Provide a Place for Drinks and Food!

If people are mingling, dancing or swimming at your party, they need a place to sit their drinks and a table to eat at when they have food. These little tables provide just that. Place 3 or 4 in your back yard for guests to enjoy and as a means to keep beverages cold.

Patio Tables with Ice Bucket Bowls

Here are some more unique patio tables that will allow you to keep beverages cold while providing seating options for family and guests.

 Darlee Sedona 4-person Cast Aluminum PatioCheck Price Heritage Outdoor Living Nassau Cast AluminumCheck Price Darlee Elisabeth End Table with IceCheck Price Heritage Outdoor Living Nassau Cast AluminumCheck Price Heritage Outdoor Living Nassau Cast AluminumCheck Price

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