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Patio Gardening and Stackable Planters

Patio Gardening and Stackable Planters

I am a patio gardener. With my work schedule it is no longer possible to tend a full scale garden.

I love these stackable planters that make it easier for me to keep my beauties fed and watered without spending a lot of time stooping and bending.

The height of the stackables as well as being able to hang many of them, makes them a great gift.

12-inch Stacking Planter Set of 3

If you have a loved one that loves, needs, or wants to try patio gardening get them stackables. If they feel they just can’t handle a large planted garden or don’t have the space for one, these containers will be more than welcome for them to start a patio garden.

These planters are great for the herb garden grower or the one who loves flowers growing year round.

Best Selling Stackable Planter

Very Popular Planters

Medium Stack-A-Pot, 30-Quart

The stackable planters are perfect for the organic gardener in an apartment. If they have no yard they have a patio or deck, in most cases, or a small porch where they can hang or place a stackable planter.

Another thing to consider is the price of groceries versus the price of plants or seeds to grow strawberries or other fruits and vegetables. The planter is a gift of love and makes economic sense.

Legacy Vegetable Seeds on Amazon


If you are concerned about GMOs (and you should have an opinion) I have listed legacy seeds to start your garden. These are the seeds that are heirloom, they came from the original seeds with no modifications to their genetic make up.

Click any image to find out more or to purchase!

Organic Rainbow BellOrganic Rainbow BellOrganic Heirloom PreppersOrganic Heirloom PreppersBeefsteak Tomato HeirloomBeefsteak Tomato HeirloomCucumber Boston PicklingCucumber Boston PicklingSurvival Seed Kit-Survival Seed Kit-Emergency Survival SeedEmergency Survival SeedOnion RED CreoleOnion RED CreoleBeets Gourmet BlendBeets Gourmet Blend

A Popular Set of Stackable Planters

An Amazon Favorite

Stack & Grow - Indoor / Outdoor Stackable Flower & Garden Planter
Stack & Grow – Indoor / Outdoor Stackable Flower & Garden Planter

So if you have a loved one who likes to grow things and doesn’t have the space, get them a stackable planter.

Certified Organic Seeds on Amazon

Organic gardeners can find certified organic seeds listed here. With no pesticides and no other additives, you can be assured of growing healthy foods for your family. There is also the added benefit of not having to buy them at the store and wondering when they be recalled for making someone sick. No one will ever care about your food the way that you do.

Click any image to find out more or to purchase!

Beefsteak Tomato HeirloomBeefsteak Tomato HeirloomCarrot Scarlet NantesCarrot Scarlet NantesSeeds of ChangeSeeds of ChangeCherry Tomato SugarCherry Tomato SugarTrinidad Moruga ScorpionTrinidad Moruga ScorpionSeeds of ChangeSeeds of Change


I hope you’ve found something you like! Happy gardening!

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  1. stargazer00

    I’ve been looking at the Garden Towers. I love the compost area in the center but they are just so darn expensive. I’m going to check out the ones you have listed here and see if they’ll work for me.

  2. I love the idea of these patio gardening stackable planters, I want to get a stack of them for my own container gardening.
    Thanks for selecting such a nice range of them to feature here!

  3. Oh I want one of tHese stackables! beautiful!

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