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Gifts for Music Lovers: Paul Simon is a Singer and Songwriter Who Gets Better With Age

There is no dispute or debate about this FACT. Paul Simon was the greatest singer / songwriter of my generation.

What??!! I said “my”. :)

My teenage and young adult years of life had the music of the legendary Paul Simon (at that time, known as “Simon and Garfunkel”) sewn into the hemlines.

But then, in my mature adult years (80s and 90s), he “crossed over”.

Cross over? Not really. It’s just that he decided to do what he had always wanted to do. Be on his own!! It was not his original intention to be teamed or paired as a “duo” with Art Garfunkel. But that’s what happened.

He moved on and continued his musical endeavors. By the time I was a “mature adult”, his style was not so much improved as it was … different.

He collaborated with African singers and musicians and produced an album that is like no other and nobody will ever be able to produce a “copy”.

♦ ♦ ♦

Although I loved his Graceland album (Released 1986), his other album, The Rhythm Of The Saints (1990), is an original and can not be replaced. It’s hard to pick a favorite piece from this grouping of songs, so I picked

“The Cool Cool River”

. Enjoy!

Add these albums to your music library.

The Rhythm Of The Saints


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