Payroll: The Online Service Advantage

Technology has moved small business in giant strides away from traditional bookkeeping, accounting and payroll systems.

With the economic ease and accessibility of various mobile electronic devices and internet access, a virtual real-time world is at the fingertips of both employers and their workers.

No longer is there a necessity for the small business owner to contract with third-party providers for these financial services.

Payroll Builder is an online service developed with the small business owner in mind utilizing all the advantages of internet and electronic usage. These advantages include:

Easy Access

Many small business services are mobile and field-oriented. Depending on the size of the company, crews may be working at more than one job site at a time, or moving from one site to the another multiple times during a work period.

Contract accounting may necessitate keeping payroll records separately assigned to each one. Payroll Builder is designed to accommodate these fluent needs. Workers can log into the system with any electronic device from any location where internet access can be obtained. A simple click clocks a worker in, another enters his lunch break, and another clocks him out.

Workers can be assigned to separate job sites so that hours and payroll can be allocated to each individual contract. If an employee forgets to clock-in or makes an error, a quick login by the system administrator corrects the entry and the system calculations are always accurate.

Easy Distribution

Distributing payroll to workers has never been more expedient than with online services. Payroll Builder provides paper check printing, debit card or direct deposit distribution options. A single method or a combination of methods is easily administered according to employee selections. Payroll Builder can distribute payroll weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or by contract payment, whatever period best meets the requirements.

Easy Set-Up & Reporting

As the saying goes, “it doesn’t take a rocket scientist…” to set-up a small business in Payroll Builder. Nor does it take a professional accountant or tax attorney. Through a series of interview screens, the administrative staff can have a company account set-up and functioning within minutes. Federal & state withholdings, workers comp, insurance or other payroll deductions are entered one time and automatically apply to each payroll distribution. Should any of these deductions change, administrators make a single adjustment that applies from that point forward.

A test-drive through the

Payroll Builder online system can be accessed at:

When it comes time to generate reports for monthly accounting or quarterly taxes, Payroll Builder quickly accesses the data and prints the necessary forms & reports. Employees can access their current or previous time record at any time, as well as their payroll stub for any given period throughout the year. At the end of the year, a simply click will provide their W2 or 1099 statement for personal income tax filing without having to wait for the company to send it.

Payroll Builder is a workable solution for the needs and demands of small business payroll distribution. The ease and speed with which Payroll Builder is accessed and processed saves the small business owner time and money, allowing him to focus on his customers, supervise his employees and concentrate on growing his business.

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