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Peacock Ore Properties

Peacock Ore- The Cleansing Stone

Peacock Ore is one of the most unique and interesting stones that I have ever come across. The colors are somewhat iridescent and I love the way it shines. It looks quite beautiful when it is polished and in a jewelry setting. Peacock Ore is now on my wish list and I especially like the featured pendant shown on the right.

Also known as Chalcopyrite or Bornite, Peacock Ore was named so by miners because of its’ dynamic colors which would remind one of peacock feathers. The specks of metallic colors in this stone glisten and shine due to the amount of copper content which is sometimes mistaken for gold. If you have ever heard the term “fool’s gold”, this could be it.

Peacock Ore Stones

 Fantasia Materials: 1 lb Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore Peacock Ore Raw Stones Bornite Healing Crystal Energy 1 Pound One Raw Chunk of Chalcopyrite *Peacock Copper* 1-2 Inch Healing Stone Packaged in a Velvet Bag Create Only Positive Gorgeous Blue Purple Peacock Ore 1 pound Bag Medium approximately 1 Blue Purple Peacock Ore about 300 carats Total Weight and 20 stones per Bag small Size All Natural Rocks 2 ounces of stone per Bag Mineral-Peacock Ore Large Mexican Peacock Ore Gemstone Rock Peacock Copper Mineral Specimen .5-1 Tumbled Chalcopyrite Copper Peacock Ore Tumble Stone – A Grade Quality Crystal – Combines the beauty and power Free Postage

Why Is Peacock Ore Called A Cleansing Stone?

Peacock Ore is said to be a highly physical stone with many magical properties. It is sometimes called the Cleansing Stone for its’ ability to clear negative energy from the human body so that positive energy can flow inside. Peacock Ore is thought to remove toxins and sickness from the body in order to build up energy and health. It brings a sense of happiness, acceptance and feelings of inner peace. This stone is often used in conjunction with other practices to enhance an experience such as Tai Chi or acupuncture.

Peacock Ore- Single Stone

 Peacock Ore Specimen – Small Chalcopyrite Healing Stone (#203) 1pc Chalcopyrite Large A-Grade 100% Natural From Russia Raw Rough Peacock Ore Crystal Gemstone Specimen (#208) 1pc Chalcopyrite Large A-Grade 100% Natural From Russia Raw Rough Peacock Ore Crystal Gemstone Specimen Peacock Ore Gift Box – Medium High Grade Peacock Ore, 4.29A.9 Peacock Ore Specimens Rock Chalcopyrite Acid Treated 1 Pound High Grade Peacock Ore, 4.29A.11 High Grade Peacock Ore, 4.29A.14

Peacock Ore Jewelry

Peacock Ore is sometimes made into jewelry so the wearer can benefit from the physical properties of the stone at any time. Stones are also purchased loose and carried in a pouch, bag or container. See some of the very pretty jewelry pieces shown below:

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