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Penguin Costumes for Adults and Children

Penguin Costumes for the Whole Family

If you are looking for penguin costumes for a member of your family, you will find it here. Imagine your entire family dressed in penguin costumes. Wouldn’t that be a fun sight? A great idea for Halloween, costume parties, parades or even a photo shoot. Click any costume on this page to read more details about sizing and choices.

Penguins are fun. This is a great opportunity to teach your family a few penguin facts, too. The window of opportunity is open.

Penguin Costumes for Adults

Penguin costumes are a fun way for grownups to dress up, too. Costumes are not just for children any more. I saw my Dad in a costume only twice in my life, but oh, have I had fun wearing a costume from time to time! Once it happened to be a bunny costume and we made cute photographs of my Granddaughter in my arms! Wish these wonderful penguin ones had been available then!

Penguin Pyjamas CosplayPenguin Pyjamas CosplayMen's Penguin CostumeMen’s Penguin CostumeMen's Batman  PenguinMen’s Batman PenguinPenguins of MadagascarPenguins of Madagascar

Penguin Costumes for Children

These kid penguins will be a huge hit at the party or parade or for Halloween. Planning a family reunion? How about a talent show so you and your family can all wear costumes and make up a song and dance routine? Which reminds me – it is about time for one of our family reunions! Maybe I will suggest that a talent show be added to the agenda.

Penguin Costume ChildPenguin Costume ChildOne Piece PJ costumeOne Piece PJ costumeToddler Penguin CostumeToddler Penguin CostumePretty Lil' Penguin CostumePretty Lil’ Penguin Costume

Happy Feet

Penguin Costumes for Toddlers and Babies

Penguin Baby CostumePenguin Baby CostumeLittle Baby Penguin CostumeLittle Baby Penguin CostumePenguin Vest CostumePenguin Vest CostumePlayful Penguin CostumePlayful Penguin Costume

Penguin Costumes for Dogs

Zack & Zoey Penguin Pup Costume,Penguin Dog Halloween CostumePenguin Dog SweaterQQ-penguin Velet Coat Jacket

More Penguin Costume Ideas

Have Fun with Your Penguin Costumes

Greet the little visitors at your door on Halloween in your very own costume – a penguin one. Then use it again around the Christmas holidays when snowflakes are falling outside!

You can turn a dull party into super fun if you wear a costume and surprise everyone. Adult guests could be invited to don a costume as well. Children will love the opportunity to pull out their penguin Halloween costume and parade around in it again at their own party even in the Springtime or for a fun costume birthday party any time of the year!

Use penguin family dress-up time as an opportunity for all to learn more about penguins! Select some books from the library, and find out where they live and what they eat. And add a fishy casual supper to carry out the theme!

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