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Finding Your Perfect Wedding Cake Topper

The Little Details Make All The Difference

Planning a wedding is a big job with many different decisions to make. One sign of a well planned wedding is the attention given to the little details, like the wedding cake topper. These days there are so many different types of wedding cake toppers available. This makes for a great opportunity for you as the bride and groom, to show off your unique personalities.

After the dress, the bride probably spends more time and thought on the wedding cake than anything else. This is the centerpiece of the reception, the item everyone gets to sample and it has to be perfect from the inside out, and from the bottom to the top. Wedding Cake Toppers are an accessory that has expanded from traditional replica of the bride and groom standing, to whimsical imitations of their lifestyles to the elegantly simple. There are a variety of toppers that you can choose from to help make the wedding cake of your dreams.

Lenox Once Upon A Dream Wedding Cake Topper

What Are Cake Toppers?

Cake toppers are small figurines that rest on top of the wedding cake, they are usually a representation of a bride and groom in formal attire. This custom originated in America during the 1950′s where the figurines were used to represent togetherness. Although wedding cake toppers are still in use today, the figures are more varied and often show shared hobbies or other meanings that may not necessarily be linked directly to traditional themes.

If you want to go with a traditional wedding cake topper, you can choose a bride and groom in formal wear, dancing, kissing, standing next to one another or gazing lovingly at each other. Many couples tend to choose wedding cake toppers where the bride and groom look most like themselves.

Lillian Rose Caucasian Tender Moment Figurine, 6.5-Inch

It’s Okay To Be Unique With Your Wedding Cake Topper

If you want your wedding to be a little different, you need to consider finding unique bride and groom figurines. They will help you make a statement and proclaim your freedom from the chains of boring cake decorations. Really good bride and groom figurines don’t have to be funny, however they can be charming, decorative or just plain unique. There’s many different kinds of figurines to choose from, so it helps to have a game plan. Whatever it is you have in mind, you can probably find a bride and groom figurine that will fulfill that dream. There’s more than one way to top a cake after all.

So, here is the best way that I have found to proceed when choosing the perfect Wedding Cake Topper for your special day!

Use Your Wedding Cake Topper To Create Your Dream Look

First take a minute to assess you and your soon to be spouse’s relationship. See, if there is something unique about the two of you. Maybe there is a special event that really made you a couple. Or, there’s something about you two that is memorable and unique. There is probably a bride and groom wedding cake topper to match you as a couple!

Weddingstar Playful Football Wedding Couple Figurine

Classic Symbol Of Love Wedding Cake Toppers

Use that classic symbol of love, the heart as your wedding cake topper. You might be surprised at the variety of heart shaped wedding cake toppers available. There are classically shaped hearts and contemporary stylized hearts. There are hearts made from glass, plastic and porcelain. You can even find hearts that are trimmed in beads and lace.

Hortense B. Hewitt Sparkling Love Double Heart Silver-Plated Cake Top, 5-1/2-Inch Tall

Consider Where Your Wedding Is

Rely on your surroundings. If your wedding is taking place at a beach, you might choose the beach bum bride and groom wedding cake toppers. Or, if it is a ballroom wedding, the perfect choice for you maybe a wedding cake topper with a dancing bride and groom. There are plenty of wedding cake toppers that match themes of wedding, so dig around ad do some searching of your own.

“Summer Lovin” Surfer Wedding Cake Topper

Express Your Unique Personalities with Your Wedding Cake Topper

Find a wedding cake topper that expresses your own unique personalities. If you are a couple that loves to ride motorcycles, get a topper with a wedding couple sitting on a motorcycle. If most weekends you can be found at your favorite country western bar, opt for a bride and groom in cowboy boots and hats. Whatever part of your personalities you want to share with everyone I am sure there is a wedding cake topper that is perfect for you.


Funny Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper

Perhaps serious romantic gestures just aren’t in your personality. In that case, you may consider searching for a few funny wedding cake toppers where the bride and groom show your sense of humor. After all, it is your big day, and you can choose how you want to express your joy. Pick any wedding cake topper that makes you and your new spouse happy. If you are having trouble finding these funny wedding cake toppers then you have come to the right place.

Humorous Redneck Wedding Fishing Cake Topper

What To Remember When Selecting A Wedding Cake Topper

During this whole process there is really only one thing to remember and keep in mind. That is that this is your day, and you want to make it memorable for you and your partner. When deciding on what kind of cake topper best suits you and your soon to be spouse just remember to go with what show cases your love and personalities the best.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

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