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Peridot Necklaces- An August Birthstone

A Peridot Necklace…Gem of the Sun

A beautiful peridot necklace is such a stunning and captivating piece of jewelry. Named Gem of the Sun by the ancient Egyptians, peridot is a bright and sparkling gemstone with a rich green hue. Set into a lovely necklace, the peridot is sure to turn heads and draw compliments.

A peridot necklace makes a wonderful gift for an August birthday, but is also a special gift any time of year. This is a breathtaking stone that looks so elegant in a necklace setting and one to cherish for many years.

Did you know….?

Peridot is pronounced two in ways……
per-i-doe and per-i-dot.
Both are correct.

White Gold Peridot Necklaces

 14 Karat White Gold Heart Shape 1.00 Carats Peridot Diamond Pendant 14 Karat White Gold Radiant Cut 1.00 Carats Peridot Diamond Pendant Women’s .05CT Diamond Pendant & Complementary Chain with Peridot in 10k White Gold SuperJeweler H041021PER 10W 2.5 Ct Cushion Cut Peridot And Diamond Pendant In 10K White Gold 14K 18 Peridot Solitaire Pendant in 10K White Gold

A Few Facts About Peridot

 14k White Gold 6mm Round Peridot Stud Pendant (1.00 ct) with 18

The Peridot gemstone has been around for a long, long time dating it to the ancient Egyptians.

Peridot was first discovered on St. John’s Island which is in the Egyptian Red Sea.

The gemstone was mined on the island for hundreds of years ending sometime in the 1940’s.

Today most of the finer Peridot stones are mined in Burma.

Peridot is formed way below the earth’s crust and gets it’s color from the iron contained in the stone. The more iron, the deeper the color of green.


Yellow Gold Peridot Necklaces

 10k Yellow Gold August Birthstone Peridot Journey Pendant, 18 14K Yellow Gold Oval Peridot and Diamond Teardrop Pendant (1/2ct tgw 18 Willow Gold Milestone 6mm Peridot 14k Yellow Gold Necklace 14k Yellow Gold 6mm Round Shape Peridot 4-Prong Pendant, 18 Diamond Accent Peridot Pendant in 10k Yellow Gold 1.25 Cts of 7 mm AAA Heart Peridot Scroll Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold

Did you know…?

According to folklore, Peridot brings power and success!

Sterling Sliver Peridot Necklaces

 Sterling Silver Peridot Flower Pendant Necklace, 18 Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Peridot and Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace (.007 cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity), 18 Sterling Silver and Round Peridot Pendant Necklace, 18 Sterling Silver Peridot Turtle Pendant Necklace, 18 Sterling Silver 8x6mm Oval Peridot Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Peridot Leaf Design Circle Pendant Necklace, 18

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