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Personalized Dog Collars

Personalized Dog Collars

A dog collar is a must for any dog owner and having it personalized makes it as special as your pooch.

There are many reasons that your dog needs a collar. If your dog ever gets lost or escapes your well fenced in yard, you will easily be able to be notified by whom ever has found your dog.

There are many tags and add ons that you can use to identify your dog however having a personalized dog collar takes away the worry of lost tags or broken tags and the clanging noise of banging tags.

Choosing The Right Dog Collar

For Your Dog

It is important that you purchase the correct size collar for your dog. Measure your dogs neck size or its current collar length (not including buckles) to obtain correct sizing.

– X-Small (8″ to 12″ long x 3/8″ wide)
– Small (10″ to 14″ long x 3/4″ wide)
– Medium 3/4 (14″ to 20″ long x 3/4″ wide)
– Medium 1 (14″ to 20″ long x 1″ wide)
– Large (18″ to 28″ long x 1″ wide)

In addition to sizing, it is also important that you choose the collar that best works for you and your dog. There are side quick release plastic clasps or a buckle style. All personalized dog collars should be machine washable so they are easy to keep clean.

Custom Embroidered Dog Collar

There are many different ways that dog collars can be personalized. One is embroidered which can be done on different materials. It is important to have your dogs name, your name and phone number on the collar in addition to any artwork or emblem that you choose.

 Custom ID Personalized Dog CollarCheck Price

 Personalized Embroidered Dog CollarCheck Price

SunGlo Personalized Engraved Name Plate Dog Collar

These brightly colored buckle type dog collars are fun, easy to see and perfect for a personalized plate with your dog’s information.

 SunGlo Personalized Engraved Name Plate Dog CollarCheck Price

Spiked and Studded Leather Personalized Name Plate Dog Collar

Spike or Stud? Theses colored leather personalized dog collars combine the both, spikes and studs for a great look on your dog and easy to read information should they become lost.

 Spiked and Studded Leather Personalized Name Plate Dog CollarCheck Price

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