Pet Bowls for Your Precious Fur Babies

Pet Bowls for Your Precious Pets

There are many types of pet bowls available on the market today. Stainless steel, plastic, stoneware and ceramic are all great choices. You might have to experiment with a variety to find which one(s) your pet likes best.

If you have an older pet, or a tall pet, consider a raised pet bowl for food and water. This relieves stress on their neck, back and joints.

On hot days, consider a pet bowl you can place in the freezer that will then keep your pet’s water cold all day long while you are working or away from the home for other reasons.

You will even find pet bowls here that won’t tip or slide. So many great choices for your fur babies!

Pet Bowls That Keep Water Cold

If you are gone for long periods of time, and you worry about your pet’s drinking water getting warm on a hot day, then consider one of these pet bowls that help keep water cold. Place them in the freezer, and they will keep water warm up to 14 hours.

FroBo – Freezable Pet Dish with BaseFrostyBowlz 28-Ounce Chilled Dog and Cat Bowl

Elevated Pet Bowls

If you have pets with long legs, or with arthritis, that find bending painful, the consider an elevated pet dish. You can use these for food or water or both. They make eating and drinking easier on your pets, because they won’t have to strain as much to reach their food and water, as they would with regular dishes.

OurPets Signature Series Elevated Feeder 4OurPets Right Height Cafe Feeder, 12-InchDexas Popware for Pets Elevated Tandem Feeder Bowls with Legs, Medium, Brown/GreenEthical Pet Spot Hi-Rise Single Diner 2-Quart Pet DishPlatinum Pets Modern Double Diner Stand with Two 8 Cup Rimmed Bowls, BlackEthical Mediterranean Double Diner, 1-PintOurPets Healthy Pet Diner 12

No Tip Pet Bowls

Perhaps you have dogs or cats that enjoy tipping over their food and water bowls. The bowls featured here will not tip (not too sure about the cat bowl, but the dog bowls will not). Keep food and water where it’s supposed to be…in your pet’s dishes.

Loving Pets Standard No-Tip Dog Bowl, 32-OunceEthical 16-Ounce No-Tip Stainless DishDurapet Bowl Cat Dish, 12 Ounce

Stoneware or Ceramic Pet Bowls

I believe water can pick up a certain flavor from stainless steel, and I prefer ceramic bowls for my pets’ water dishes. I also use a couple of plastic ones, because some of my cats prefer plastic. There are 6 water dishes in my home, along with 3-4 food dishes at one time.

Ethical 9-1/2-Inch Stoneware Crock Dog DishPetrageous Designs Metro 8Signature Housewares Fish Cat Bowl, Set of 2 Bowls with StandEthical 5-Inch Cat-Paw Print Stonware DishLiving World Ergonomic Dish, Blue, SmallPetrageous Designs City Pets 8

Stainless Steel Pet Bowls

Stainless steel pet bowls work well for food (any type will typically work well). If you prefer the look and durability of stainless steel, then you have some nice options to choose from here.

Durapet Bowl, 4.5 QuartHartz Living Stainless Steel Pet Feeding Dishes 98776Bergan Stainless Steel Standard Bowl, 2-CupMidwest Stainless Steel Snap’y Fit Water and Feed Bowl, 10 OunceIndipets Stainless Steel Spill Proof – Splash Free No Tip Anti Skid Dish with easy pick up grip handle, 32-OunceCat Supplies Durapet Stainless Steel Cat Dish

Plastic Pet Bowls

I have cats that prefer to drink their water out of plastic water dishes. And that’s OK. Try to give your pet what they enjoy. You might end up offering food and water out of various types of pet dishes, before finding what your pet likes best. Spoil them! They deserve it!

Jw Pet Skidstop Slow Feed Pet Bowl Large(Color May Vary)JW Pet Company Heavy Weight Skid Stop Pet Bowl, Small, Colors VaryGreen Plastic Dual Sections Pets Dog Food Water Feeding Bowl Dish2

Pet Water Fountain Bowls

Cats and dogs alike enjoy moving water of a fountain pet bowl. Invest in a good one, and it should serve you well. As with all your pets’ dishes, make sure you keep pet bowls clean and free from bacterial growth. A healthy pet is a happy pet!

Drinkwell Original Pet FountainDrinkwell 360 Pet Fountain 128ozDrinkwell 360 Pet Fountain, Stainless SteelPetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain for PetsDrinkwell Big-Dog Pet FountainPioneer Fountain Big Max- Stainless SteelDrinkwell Multi-Level Lotus Ceramic Drinking FountainDogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Drinking FountainPioneer Pet 6022 Ceramic Drinking Fountain, Raindrop Design

Fresh Clean Water is Important for Your Pets!

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