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How to Select The Right Cages For Pet Corn Snakes

One of the most popular reptiles for people to own is pet corn snakes.

This is partly because they don’t grow into huge dangerous snakes, and they are easy to care for and don’t mind being handled by you.

They tend to be docile and at the same time curious, as well as coming in a gorgeous range of colors and patterns that make them so beautiful to just look at in their enclosures for hours on end.

Overall, the corn snake is an ideal exotic pet for new and experienced snake owners.

But like all pets, you need to learn about how to take care of your pet corn snake

And this includes knowing at least a little bit about just what kind of housing and environment your snake needs to live a happy and healthy long life in your care.

There are a few basic things to bear in mind when it comes to selecting the best cage or enclosure for your pet corn snake.

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What is the Best Cage Size for Corn Snakes?

They grow into escape artists!

When they are babies, the corn snake can be kept in a simple box or plastic container, as long as it has ventilation holes for it to breathe comfortably.

And up to the age of one year you can keep it in a ten gallon aquarium or terrarium.
Just remember that as the snake grows you need to keep upgrading it to larger cages.

The snake cage must be very secure and padlocked, because pet corn snakes are notorious escape artists and will spend hours every day nudging the door and roof of its enclose trying to find any weakness in it to make its escape from.

There are many affordable snake cages to select from.

… and you can order one online for delivery to your door!

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What kind of bedding and accessories does the corn snake cage need?

Apart from some simple branches, what else should I put in the cage?

The corn snakes mostly stay on the ground, but it is good to provide them with the choice of tree branches to climb and coil on, and a nice hollowed out trunk or snake cave to curl into.

There are some great snake caves made from rock, wood or plastic that you can buy online that provides your snake with a nice hiding hole when it wants one.

The floor of the enclosure needs to have bedding that is clean for the snake, but that also ideally allows for the snake to burrow down in it for a layer or two. You can buy various mulches suited to snake cages.

One of the simplest, cheapest and most convenient cage substrates is good old newspaper. It might not look like much in the cage, but if you don’t mind the appearance it certainly is the easiest way to cover the floor of the cage and keep it hygienic.

Look at all the cage accessories you can get!

Select from the most popular and affordable accessories online:

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Most professionals will tell you that some types of substrate should be avoided

… even though they seem like a sensible choice.

These include soil from your garden because of possible bacteria, and also don’t use shavings and corncobs which could cause impaction if your snake eats any while moving around on the floor.

You can also buy Astroturf type of matting for snakes.

Check it out online, as it is a good way to have an attractive green ‘grassy’ floor that is simple to wash and keep the snake hygiene standards up.

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Remember Water!

Be sure to provide a heavy and stable water bowl that is shallow enough for your snake to slither into it for a soak, without knocking it over.

Change the tepid water every day.

What is ideal temperature for the snake cage?

Corn snakes have specific requirements in the range of temperature they ideally live in.

Their environment should be kept at constant warmth of 21-29 degrees Celsius or 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Never place your snake cage in the direct sunlight whether outside or by a sunny window, as the snake will not be able to get away from too much sunlight and heat if it needs to.

You can better achieve this regulation of temperature by placing an incandescent snake light above the tank, or using a heat bed underneath the tank. The enclosure should have a thermometer in it at all times so that you can always easily monitor the swings in temperature.

You should try to vary the temperature for the snake to choose its ideal spot in the enclosure by keeping one end of the cage warmer than the other. That way your pet corn snake can slither from one end to the other until it find the perfect temperature it needs at that specific moment.

Never put your snake and cage in the direct sunlight!

More Resources

These suggestions will give you some idea of what is required in your pet corn snake cage, but you should study the complete requirements by reading good quality snake care books and also by participating in online forums where you can discuss your corn snakes with other snake owners, and learn from their experiences.

Learning from a good quality snake care book is essential to your snakes health!

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Its so convenient to shop online and compare for the best deals!

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  1. We live close to the East Bay Vivarium in Berkeley, CA. There you can find a wide variety of perfect pets for the reptile lover: lizards, turtles and of course snakes. I can see getting attached to the snake, they seem to have a lot of personality. Thanks for the thorough guide on how to keep them healthy.

  2. Wow, this is very thorough.

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