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Adorable Pet Costumes

Pet Costumes are Fun

Pet costumes are a fun way to get your dog or cat involved in Halloween. I don’t know how much fun they will think it is, but I believe some animals enjoy being dressed up, and if yours is one of them, you’ll love these cute dog and cat costume ideas here!

Will your dog become a lion or a dinosaur? Will your cat enjoy looking like fruit or another animal? You’ll get a kick out of these pet costumes featured here!

Make your next costume party fun for everyone, including the household pet, and see how much fun everyone will have!

Always keep the safety and comfort of your pet in mind, though, and if you see that he or she is uncomfortable or unhappy, then please don’t make him or her continue to wear the costume!

Most of These Pet Costumes Come in a Variety of Sizes

Large Pet Dog Cat Lion Wigs Mane Hair Festival Party Fancy Dress Clothes Costume

Your dog or cat can instantly look like a lion with this cute lion wig made just for pets. This is probably one of the easiest pet costumes you can put on your pet. No worrying about clothing or other accessories, simply a wig that will turn them into a lion.

Large Pet Dog Cat Lion Wigs Mane Hair Festival Party Fancy Dress Clothes CostumeCheck Price

Dinosaur Pet Costumes

Your little dog can dress as a dinosaur for fun photo opportunities, costume parties, and so on. I love how they got these dogs to pose for these photos. Too cute!

You’ll have a roaring good time seeing your dog dressed in a dog dinosaur costume!

 Animal Planet PET20105 Stegosaurus Dog Costume, Large FanQube Pet Dinosaur Hoody Costume for Small Dogs Animal Planet PET20104 Triceratops Dog Costume, Large Adorrable Pet Plush Dinosaur Costume Hooded Warm Four Rubies Costume Dinosaur Cape with Headpiece and Light-Up Thrills & Chills Pet Halloween Dinosaur Pet Costume~SMALL~


Superhero Pet Costumes

Superhero Dog to the rescue! These superhero pet costumes will also look adorable on cats, but good luck with that (wink, wink).

 DC Comics Pet Costume, Small, Wonder Woman DC Comics Teen Titans Pet Costume, Small, Robin Batman Pet Costume Rubies Costume Company Marvel Classic/Marvel Universe Spider-Man Pet DC Comics Superman Pet Costume Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – Superhero Costume Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – Superhero Costume DC Comics Pet Costume, X-Large, Batman Rubies Costume Company Marvel Classic/Marvel Universe Spider-Girl Pet DC Comics Pet Costume, Medium, Pink Supergirl DC Comics Pet Costume, Medium, Supergirl DC Comics Pet Costume, Medium, Flash Rubies Costume Company Marvel Classic/Marvel Universe Thor Pet Rubies Costume Avengers Assemble Deluxe Captain America Pet Rubies Costume Company Marvel Classic/Marvel Universe The Hulk


Star Wars Yoda Pet Costume, Medium

Star Wars fans will appreciate this Yoda pet costume. It is only available in size medium, and it is so adorable!

Star Wars Yoda Pet Costume, MediumCheck Price

Star Wars Pet Costumes

 Star Wars Bantha Costume for Pets Rubies Costume Star Wars Collection Pet Costume, Medium, Star Wars Pet Costume, X-Large, At-At Imperial Walker Star Wars Dewback Costume for Pets Rubies Costume Company Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Star Wars R2-D2 Pet Costume Rubies Costume Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie Pet Costume, Star Wars Darth Vader Pet Costume, Medium Rubies Costume Star Wars Running Ewok Pet Costume, Rubies Costume Company Star Wars Classic Yoda Cat Princess Leia Pet Pet Costume – Large Rubies Costume Star Wars Walking Stormtrooper Pet Costume, Star Wars Jedi Pet Costume Large Star Wars Darth Vader Pet Costume, Size Large Rubies Costume Company Sushi Pet Costume, X-Large


Cute Pet Costume Ideas

 Pet Costume,Gimilife Pet Shark Costume Outfit, Halloween pet Mikayoo Pet Dog Cat Halloween costumes,The Cowboy for Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Costume for Dogs, Classic Movie Monsters Pet Costume, Medium, Dracula Pandaloon Panda Puppy Dog Pet Costume (Size 2 Lion Mane for Dog, Dogloveit Dog Costume with Dog Costume Pet Costume Pet Suit Cowboy Rider California Costume Collections PET20151 UPS Pal Dog Costume, PAWZ Road Halloween Pet Pumpkin Costume for Dogs Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit, X-Small Rubie’s Pet Costume, Small, 50s Girl Dress Rubies Costume Company Hula Girl Pet Costume, Large Rubie’s Shark Pet Costume, Medium Rubie’s Iced Coffee Pet Costume, Large Rubies Costume Walking Snowman Pet Costume, Small


Animal Planet PET20103 Bat Dog Costume

This cute bat pet costume is perfect for Halloween, and your pet will be able to move around freely in it, which is nice, too!

Animal Planet PET20103 Bat Dog CostumeCheck Price

Bright and Cheery Pet Costumes

These bright and cheery pet costumes will make you smile. They are all available in multiple sizes, so you should be able to find the perfect fit for your dog or cat.

 Animal Planet Peacock Dog Costume, X-Small, Multicolor Lady Bug Pet Costume X-Small Rubie’s Lady Bug Pet Costume, Small Rubie’s Pet Costume, X-Small, Ladybug Dress Rubie’s Pet Costume, Medium, Monarch Butterfly Flower Dog Costume by CHR Casual Canine Flower Fairy Dog Costume, X-Small, Pink Dog Halloween Costume – Pink Garden Flower Colorful Cute Hot Dog Pet Costume Dog Cat Wiener


Wizard of Oz Pet Costumes

Each of the main characters from the movie, The Wizard of Oz are available in a dog costume. These cute costumes will have your dogs looking ready to walk the yellow brick road.

 Wizard of Oz Pet Costume, Small, Dorothy Wizard of Oz Pet Costume, Medium, Winged Monkey Deluxe Lion’s Mane Rubie’s Wizard Cape with Headpiece and Light-Up Collar Wizard of Oz Pet Costume, Small, Tin Man Wizard of Oz Pet Costume, Large, Scarecrow Dog – Dog Basket L Wizard of Oz Pet Costume, Medium, Cowardly Lion Anit Accessories 16-Inch Dorothy Dog Costume, Medium


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