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For Our Pets: Raised Dog Feeding Station

Raised Dog Bowls

When our dog started aging I started seeing ways to help him. One way was an elevated dog dish. A raised dog food bowl which would give him an easier way to eat and to drink seemed to be a solution he would be more comfortable with compared to the conventional alternative.

Bowls, Stands or Stations

I saw several elevated dog bowl stands as well as the raised dog feeding stations and started to look through the options. I had no idea this would be such a major decision. Now I see there are two categories to choose from and each has great pros. A new elevated dog dish (we would need two – one for the food and one for his water), or one of the amazing raised dog feeding stations. We needed the elevated dog feeders for large dogs so I started comparing bowls with stations.


What to Consider

I selected one of the elevated dog food dishes to put on the porch for water. I then selected one of the raised dog feeding station options for inside the kitchen. Our dog is more comfortable when he is eating and has an easy access to water when he goes outside to play.

Once I selected the items I needed I then considered the styles. With so many design options to choose from it was easy to find the items which would fit into our home and deck. I didn’t think much about that part until I had decided on the type of raised feeder to use. But, it was fun to find the styles which fit into the decor of our home.



Will Your Pet Adapt?

I hope this has helped you to select your own dog’s dishes, stands, bowls, and feeders. Our pets are part of our family and it feels good to provide them with ways to make their lives easier. Even if your pet isn’t struggling with the ordinary feeders you might consider providing a raised feeder anyway to help them adapt.

When we provide solutions as needed that is good and a feeding station is going to be relatively easy to adapt to (it is such an important part of life). But, what if we had some forethought and provided adaptive options ahead of time (as long as they are safe for healthy pets to use). This way it might even be possible to avoid having to do this after a problem arises saving both our pets and ourselves from going through the sometimes painful transition.

Right Height Cafe Feeder, 16-inches High

 Right Height Cafe Feeder, 16-inches High

Dogs Love Their Noms!

Raised Dog Feeding Stations

Make eating more comfortable and appealing to your dogs with a raised dog feeding station. Use these for dog food, water, treats, etc.

Elevated Feeder with StorageElevated Feeder with StorageRight Height Cafe Feeder, 8-InchRight Height Cafe Feeder, 8-InchPet Diner, Black/Pearl TanPet Diner, Black/Pearl TanNeater Feeder ExpressNeater Feeder Express


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  1. These raised pet feeding stations would be great for bigger and taller pets

  2. This is really so important for our dogs, when I have my next dog, (my paralyzed Isabel would not benefit from this) we will be using raised feeding bowls for sure

  3. Keri

    That would be nice for some of the bigger dogs. I especially like the one with the storage under the bowls.

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