Photo Wedding Invitations that are Affordable and Unique

Photo Wedding Invitations make a unique statement

Photo Wedding invitations are a wonderful way to add a unique touch to your Wedding stationery and a super excuse to have a pre-wedding photography session.

Photo Wedding invitations will be a thing that your Wedding guests will love to keep as a memento of your Wedding day and make a great addition to your Wedding Album.

It’s no longer taboo for the Groom to see the Bride in her Wedding gown before the big day so it’s a perfect opportunity to dress up more than once.

Photo Wedding Invitation White with faux Broderie Anglaise Lace

Photo Wedding Invitation White with faux Broderie Anglaise Lace

Photo Wedding Invitations are available in a range of styles and colors and to suit all budgets. Online printers Zazzle offer literally 1000’s of options for Photo Weddings Invitations and they couldn’t be easier to make using their handy template set-up. On top of that they offer a variety of sizes and paper types for your Photo Wedding Invitations so you are sure to find one that suits your style. I’m going to showcase a small selection of the very best Photo Wedding Invitations from Zazzle and then explain exactly how to customize your invitations. Simply click on any of the Photo Wedding Invitation images to go directly to the product page.

A Selection of the best Photo Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation White with Broderie Anglaise invitation
Black Damask Photo Wedding Invitation invitation
Royal Blue Damask Photo Wedding Invitation invitation
Wedding Invitation with Photo Pink Hearts & Swirls invitation
Swirly Your Photo Wedding Invitation invitation
Black Funky Elegant Swirl Wedding Photo Invitation invitation
Purple and White Floral Photo Wedding Invitation invitation
Formal Black & Red Wedding invitation
Your Photo Wedding Invitation Black Fancy Swirls invitation
Aqua and Charcoal Photo Insert Wedding Invitations invitation
Wedding invitation - collage invitation
Ivory Damask - Elegant Photo Wedding Invitations invitation
Tropical Bamboo - Cream Photo Wedding Invitation invitation
Peacock Elegance in Black, Gold, and White invitation
Elegant Purple Wedding Invitation invitation
Vellum Look Photo Square Wedding Invitation invitation
Modern Wedding Invitation invitation
fatfatin Aqua Flip Flops Marriage Announcement invitation
Paisley Flourish - Square Photo Wedding Invitation invitation
Antiqued Victorian Rose Wedding Invitation invitation
Blue Floral Photo Wedding Invitation Card invitation
Invitation Wedding White Lace Pink Floral Photo 2 invitation
Invitation Wedding White Lace Cream Floral Photo invitation
Elegant Xmas Wedding Photo Template Jewels Red invitation
Wedding Elegant Lace White Flowers Ribbon invitation
Purple n Grey Leaf Swirl Damask Wedding Invitation invitation
Custom Gay Photo Wedding Invitation invitation

 How to create your Photo Wedding Invitations on Zazzle

Product page layout and key:

Photo Wedding Invitations Image 1

Photo Wedding Invitations Image 1

1. Switch between the live product preview and design views
2. Magnify the product view in a pop-out window.
3. Select quantity with the drop-down menu and add to cart.
4. Live preview or design view.
5. Use “Customize it” if you need to move your photo or text.
6. Select front or back view.
7. Placeholder for your photograph.
8. Text template fields
9. Paper type and color options.

When you select one of the Photo Wedding invitations and click through to the product page, you will see a layour similar to the one above (background and text colors will vary as they are set by individual designers for their entire store).

Photo Wedding Invitations Image 2

Photo Wedding Invitations Image 2

Click on the photograph image palceholder in the “Personalize” box (number 7 in the above image) and you will see this screen to the left.

Make sure that “my computer” is selected and then click on the button to select the photograph you want to use from your computer’s hard drive. Click “ok” and your image will begin uploading then be automatically inserted into the Photo Wedding Invitation template. Don’t worry if your photograph needs repositioning or resizing to fit the space in the Photo Wedding Invitation, I’ll explain how to do that below.


Photo Wedding Invitations Image 3

Photo Wedding Invitations Image 3

Begin highlight the text in the template fields and change it to your own wording. Complete all of the wording and delete the text from any fields you do not want to use. Different web browsers operate slightly differently for these text input fields – in some browsers you will have to scroll down the text entry box to see all of the typed text, in others (such as FireFox) you can grab the corner of the text entry box to enlarge it.

Photo Wedding Invitations Image 4

Photo Wedding Invitations Image 4

Now, if you need to move any of the text around the Photo Wedding invitation, or need to move or resize your photograph, click on the orange “customize” button (number 5 in our image 1 and key). You will then see the page refresh and give you the additional options shown to the left. It is then best to swith to the design view using the toggle that I have numbered as “1” in the first image.

To remove a piece of text completely, click on the “X” beside it in the customization panel.

To move a piece of text, click on it’s entry field in the customize panel and use the cross-shaped arrow pad to move it around the Photo Wedding invitaion. Holding downd the shift key on your keyboard gives larger increments, whislt holding down the control key gives smaller increments.

To move your photograph or resize it, select it in the customization panel (you may have to use the scroll bar to find it). Once you have selected the photograph, you will notice that it has also been selected in the live design preview of the Photo Wedding invitation to the left. You can click on it there to drag and resize it for the perfect placement and fit.

Photo Wedding Invitations Image 5

Photo Wedding Invitations Image 5

Once you have everything the way that you want it on your Photo Wedding invitation, you can select the paper type and color below the personalization panel using what I have numbered as 9 in the first image, but is numbered as 2 on the actual product page. Note that some paper/color combinations will affect how your photograph appears on the final product.

You can take a closer look by clicking on the magnifying glass (number 2 in my first image).

If everything is ok, select your quantity using the drop down menu numbered 3 above and add to your shopping cart.

Note that some of the invitations are not set as templates and in this case you will have to use the “customize” option to change the text and add your photograph.

Written and collated by ArtformTheHeart, one of the designers at Zazzle.

Go to Zazzle Now to view even more Photo Wedding Invitations

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  1. I’m not in need of wedding invitations, but still wanted to read your post…Very well done!

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