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Pi Day Shirts and Gifts

Show you love math with Pi Day Shirts and Gifts

Pi Day is a day loved by math teachers, math students, and anyone who loves geometry and circles. The world takes notice of Pi Day, and those who love numbers.

Pi is the number that equals the ratio of the diameter (length through the center) of a circle to it’s circumference (length around te circle). If the diameter is 1 inch, the circumference will be 3.14159… inches. The … means the number continues forever, never repeating. Instead of writing this, we call the number Pi, and the symbol pictured is what we use to represent Pi.

Number lovers often memorize as many digits of Pi as possible. I know a 10 year old boy who is working hard to memorize the first 100 digits of Pi. He probably will by next Pi Day.

Pi Day Symbol

In North America, Pi Day is observed on March 14th. In Europe, it is observed on July 22nd. Why the difference? It has to do with the way dates are written. In North America, the month is written first. March 14th is written 3/14, the first three digits of Pi. In Europe, the day is written before the month. Jult 22nd is 22/7, which is a fraction very close to Pi.

How can we celebrate Pi Day? By celebrating the circle, of course. I is traditional to eat ¬†circular foods: pizza, slices of kiwi fruit, cookies, and, of course, pie! But if we want to observe Pi Day without becoming Pi shaped ourselves, we can wear Pi Day shirts and give gifts with a Pi symbol on them, such as these from Cartesian Bear’s Zazzle store.

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