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Pickle Labels

Pretty Pickle Labels for Your Homemade Pickles

My mom made many pickles over the years to feed our large family. I’m glad to see that pickling is still popular. There are even some quickie ways to make refrigerator pickles now.

After you fix a batch of your special pickles, you’ll want your jars to look special too. I’ve collected some great pickle labels here. Some can be customized with your name, while others just have a cute design and you write the name of the pickles on it. No matter what kind of pickles you’re making (dill, sweet, bread and butter or refrigerator pickles), you’ll find the perfect label here.

Customize This Pickle Label

Labels for Cucumber Preserves

Just Add Your Name

Pickle Relish Label

Add Your Name

Need a Recipe to Go with the Pretty Pickle Labels?

Video Tutorial for Dill Pickles

My Mother’s Cucumber Spice Rings

Don’t They Look a Lot Like Apple Spice Rings?

People love this faux apple rings which really are pickled over-sized cucumbers with the seed section removed.

Our Pickling Experience

Mom was quite the home canner over the years that she raised six children. The rows of jars lined up on the shelves in the root cellar meant her family would eat well over the winter months.

It’s a laborious process to put up your garden produce in jars, but it means tasty meals later on. It’s an even more laborious process turning cucumbers into a variety of pickles.

One variation that she tried made use of over-grown cucumbers. Ones that were large and too seedy in the middle, she turned into fake apple rings. Really! They looked just like those red apple rings that you can buy in the store.

She would slice the cucumber then cut out the middle with the seeds to create the rings.

(The photo from our family album shows her canning gear. The tongs for taking the jars out of the hot water were handed down from my grandmother.)

Canning Gear Used by My Mother and Grandmother

A Special Binder to Store Your Recipes for Pickles and Preserves

Have You Tried Making Refrigerator Pickles?

It’s Easy with This YouTube Video

People like the quick results of making refrigerator pickles and not having to bother with the canning process.

Need Some Pickle Recipes?

This Kit Has That & Gift Wrap for Giving Your Tasty Pickles to Friends and Family and Co-Workers

Click on the photo to go to Amazon for this.

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  1. Not only are pickles delicious, I have heard that there are special benefits to fermented foods. My East Indian food friend makes her own special pickles too – not like anything I have ever eaten. Your mom’s cucumber spice rings are funny.

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