Garden Plant Stands

Plant Stands for Your Patio, Porch and Home

Garden plant stands are a lovely way to display herbs, flowers, vegetables, plants and more! One of these stands will look lovely on a patio, a front or back porch, in your driveway or anywhere in your yard or garden.

Place some in your home to add touches of nature and greenery to any room you choose.

These are available in a variety of fun and elegant styles and colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home or apartment!

I’ve chosen selections that I myself would love to have, so I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed finding them to display on this page!

Bicycle Plant Stands

These bicycle plant stands will be conversation starters for sure! They are lovely and unique and will look terrific on a porch or patio holding a pot of flowers or plants. You’ll enjoy looking at one of these every time you step outside!

 Gifts & Decor Nostalgic Bicycle Home Dazone® Exquisite Balcony Bike Plant Pot Nostalgic White Bicycle Bike Home Decor Benzara The Funky Metal Bicycle Plant Deco 79 Metal Bicycle Plant Stand, Deco 79 66554 Metal/Wood Three Shelves Old-fashioned Bicycle Plant Stand Attraction Design HG1102 Metal Nostalgia Yard Red Carpet Studios – Red Bicycle Metal Bicycle Plant Stand 36 Bicycle Flower Pot Stand 25 Inch Aspire 79182 Metal Bicycle Garden Planter Gifts & Decor Nostalgic Bicycle Home Bicycle Planter Bicycle Wall Planter Deco 79 Metal Bicycle Planter, 63 42x16x30 Astonica 50302414 Olde Tyme Rustic Wood

Wagon Planters

Wagons are fun ways to add decor to your yard or garden. These will hold a variety of plants and flowers, and they will look great outdoors!

 Oakland Living Flower Garden Wagon, Black Deco 79 Metal Wood Plant Stand, Gifts & Decor Country Flower Cart Decorative Vintage Red Wagon Metal Planter Half Barrel Wagon Planter Large Barrel Wagon Planter Wooden Planter Wagon Indoor/Outdoor Rolling Antique Red Metal Cart Wood Wagon Planter

What Can I Display in a Plant Stand?

*Hanging Baskets
*Small Potted Shrubs

Patio or Home Plant Stands

These large plant stands can be used on your patio, porch or in your home. Place plants and flowers on them for a beautiful touch of color and greenery anywhere you choose.

 Panacea 86710 Plant Stand with Contemporary CobraCo Two Tiered Garden Cart CobraCo Canterbury 15-Inch Black Scroll Top Panacea Products 3-Tiered Folding Scroll Gifts & Decor Country Apple Plant Three Tier Plant Stand-Wonderful Gift for Panacea Products Forged 3-Tier Plant Stand, Black Metal Outdoor Patio Plant Stand Elegant Arch Design Black Metal Plant Panacea 86725 Plant Stand, 30-Inch Height, Miles Kimball Tiered Outdoor Plant Stands Convenience Concepts 3-Tier Plant Stand 40 Tierra Garden 39-100366N 3-Tier Middle Plant Solar Led Antique Metal Teardrop Light Tierra Garden 39-110367N 3-Tier End Cap 4 Tier Plant Stand Deer Park PL107 Oval Ring Planter

Indoor Plant Stands

 Koehler Home Decor Staircase Plant Stand Gifts & Decor Rustic Finish Triple 3-Tier Plant Stand 3 Pc Square Plant Stand Set Branch Plant Stand Coaster Home Furnishings Kittitas Plant Stand Elegant European Style Cart Design 6 CobraCo Kingston 21-Inch Bronze Scroll-Style Plant Wooden A-Frame Plant Stand WHITE 32

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