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Play Vehicles For Kids – Are These Really The Best?

Play Vehicles For Kids

I’ve written pages which focus on girls toys and this page is definitely more geared towards boys because they are a bunch of play vehicles for kids.

Judging from pictures I think play vehicles were one of my first toys and looking at several Christmas’s it looks like I got a vehicle of some sort every year. I’ll always remember the picture of my brother and I looking up to the camera and I have my hands on this huge semi truck. Pretty cool!

Eventually I got popularly themed play vehicles and ships some of which I still have to this day.

I’ll start off showing you the best die-cast cars and end up by telling you about the best radio controlled vehicles.

Images courtesy of Amazon

Best Die Cast Vehicles

I loved die cast cars as a child. I’ll always remember my black Firebird car. I played with it for years. I bet if I went to my childhood house I could dig it up in the ground somewhere.

I had all sorts of these cars and so did my brother. We had these before we had Star Wars figures and G.I. Joe.

Check out the best of the best from Amazon.

Hot Wheels 5 Car Gift PackHolley Shiftwell #5 1:55 ScaleDie Cast Car #1 Race Team MaterUnited Airlines 777 toyLightning McQueenHot Wheels Car 50-Pack

Best Play Trains and Railway Sets

This is one toy many of my friends had when I was a kid but I didn’t. I guess I just had other toys that were priority.

I remember seeing these sets though and was amazed. I went into peoples home where they made trees, land, people and many other things to compliment these sets.

Today there are sets like the Thomas series so take a look at these.

Preschool SteamThomas the Tank EngineMaron Station Starter SetMelissa & Doug SetWooden Animal Train SetMelissa & Doug Train

Thomas the Tank Engine Trakmaster Train Review

Best Vehicle Playsets

I love these vehicle playsets because your imagination can soar.

My kids love playing with these types of vehicles because you can put your action figures in them and ride around the house.

One of my kids uses a bus and the other a mini-van. Which ones do your kids like?

Take-A-Part AirplaneAnimal Sounds Hay RideLil’ Movers School BusSpace Shuttle and TowerRescue Center GarageGoGo City Fire Station

Best Slot Car Race Tracks

Revell Spin Drive Twistin’ Turnpike Slot Car Set

My brother had one of these cool car race tracks when we were kids. It was fun to race the cars around and around.

This track comes with two cars, two controllers and a box to store it all in.

Kids can invite their friends over and have hours of fun with one of these race track sets.

Golden Bright B/O Speed Racer Racing Set

Best Radio and Remote Control Toys

Radio and remote control cars are the holy grail of play vehicles. I remember looking at all the rc car magazines when I was a kid and drooled over them. I very distinctly remember a particular one I wanted.

They are a ton of fun and you can use them outdoors in any weather.

Morphibians Killer WhaleR/C Terrain TwisterMaisto R/C Rock CrawlerRC Bump ‘n ChuckRC GoGo Fire TruckChevrolet Camaro RS SS

Kid Galaxy RC Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars

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  1. A great selection of play vehicles for kids. My boys play days are long gone but I still have some of the play vehicles they played with.

  2. 3QuartersToday

    Very cute ideas, wish I had grandkids to buy toys for.

  3. Gypzeerose

    I wish my boys were young enough to enjoy these play vehicles for kids! In fact, I am not so sure that they are too old even yet – they loved the LEGO’s I gave them as a joke last Christmas. Boys are always boys. :)

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