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Pokemon Costumes

Have a Blast in These Pokemon Costumes for Adults & Kids!

Adults and kids can dress in these Pokemon costumes for Halloween, cosplay, dress-up play, etc. Choose from a variety of fun Pokemon characters, and let the adventures begin.

If you play Pokemon Go! you can wear your favorite costume to bring even more whimsy and adventure to your game, too.

I was amazed at the variety of Pokemon costumes I found. Pokemon fans will not be disappointed, that’s for sure!

Whether you are attending a Halloween party or other costume event, arrive on the scene dressed as your favorite Pokemon character and walk away feeling pretty good about yourself.

All ages enjoy dressing up and becoming someone we love or admire, don’t we?!

Pokemon Costumes for Adults

Pikachu Mascot Costume Pikachu Costume

Available in 4 Sizes!

ZYZ Pokemon Pikachu Mascot Costume Pikachu CostumeZYZ Pokemon Pikachu Mascot Costume Pikachu Costume

You’ll never be cuter than when you dress as Pikachu for Halloween or other costume events. This mascot costume is the ultimate in Pokemon fun!

Host a Pokemon party and encourage everyone to dress up, or wear this to your next Halloween party.

Choose the size according to your height, and go out the and have the time of your life!

Cosplay Pokemon Pikachu Pajamas Halloween Costume

WOWcosplay Pokemon Pikachu Pajamas Halloween Costume CosplayWOWcosplay Pokemon Pikachu Pajamas Halloween Costume Cosplay

These Pokemon Pikachu pajamas are perfect as a Halloween costume, or for cosplay, too.

Available in multiple sizes, so there’s a Pokemon costume for teens and adults.

Show up to your next Halloween party with the best costume in the house!

Men’s Pokemon Charizard Hoodie

Rubie's Costume Co Men's Pokemon Charizard Hoodie,Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s Pokemon Charizard Hoodie,

Wear this Pokemon Charizard hoodie with any dark pants for the perfect Halloween costume that is easy and cool!

Men, women and teens can dress as their favorite Pokemon character any time the mood strikes.

Adult Pokemon Ash Ketchum Cosplay Costume Set

Pride Panda Adult Pokemon Ash Ketchum CosplayPride Panda Adult Pokemon Ash Ketchum Cosplay

This Pokemon Ash Ketchum costume set includes the jacket, gloves and hats.

Available in multiple sizes and blue or red color options.

Ash Ketchum, known as Satoshi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo. He is the main protagonist of the Pokémon anime and manga series as well as on various merchandise related to the franchise.

Pokemon Costumes & Wigs for Adults

Adults will enjoy dressing as their favorite Pokemon characters for Halloween, cosplay, or when playing Pokemon Go! Choose from a variety of fun Pokemon costumes and wigs for adults.

 Secret Wishes Costume Pokémon, Female Pikachu, Rubie’s Men’s Pokemon Pikachu Unisex Hoodie, Yellow, Men’s Pokemon Go Blue Hoodie Trainer Team Rubie’s Costume Pokémon Team Rocket James, Multicolor, Rubie’s Costume Pokémon Jessie Adult Wig, Red, Rubie’s Costume Pokémon James Adult Wig, Purple, Pokemon Costume Accessory Kit (Charizard) Rubie’s Pikachu Costume Kit GO Love Halloween Pikachu Pokemon Inflatable Costumes Rubie’s Costume Pikachu Hat CosplayDiy Women’s Suit for Pokemon Go Teams Pokemon Ash Ketchum Jacket Shirt Gloves Cosplay Women’s Pokemon Go Trainer Yellow Hoodie For Miccostumes Men’s Pokemon X and Y Ash Miccostumes Women’s Pokémon X and Y Serena Pokemon Pokeball Hoodie Medium Ash Ketchum Hat Cap Set for Adult Ash Ketchum Cap Cosplay Prop Accessories

Pokemon Costumes for Kids

Pokemon Squirtle Child Costume

Rubie's Costume Pokemon Squirtle Child Costume, SmallRubie’s Costume Pokemon Squirtle Child Costume, Small

Join the search for all the Pokemon out there in this officially licensed Squirtle costume! Rubie’s Costume Company has been bringing costumes and accessories to the world since 1950. As the world’s costume leader,they take seriously the mission to make dressing up fun. Mascots, rental quality costumes, masks, wigs, accessories, shoes, and every significant licensed costume you would ever want to wear can be found under the Rubie’s brand.

Pokemon Eevee Child Hooded Costume Dress

Rubie's Costume Pokemon Eevee Child Hooded CostumeRubie’s Costume Pokemon Eevee Child Hooded Costume

Eevee is a mammalian, quadruped creature with primarily brown fur. The tip of its bushy tail and its large furry collar are cream-colored. It has short, slender legs with three small toes and a pink paw pad on each foot. Eevee has brown eyes, long pointed ears, and a small black nose. This Pokémon is rarely found in the wild, and is mostly only found in cities and towns. However, Eevee is said to have an irregularly shaped genetic structure that allows it to adapt to many different kinds of environments.

Pokemon Jigglypuff Child Hooded Costume Dress

Rubie's Costume Pokemon Jigglypuff Child Hooded CostumeRubie’s Costume Pokemon Jigglypuff Child Hooded Costume

Jigglypuff is a round, pink ball with pointed ears and large, blue eyes. It has rubbery, balloon-like skin and small, stubby arms and somewhat long feet. On top of its head is a curled tuft of fur. As seen in Pokémon Stadium, it is filled with air, as a defeated Jigglypuff, deflates until it is flat. By drawing extra air into its body, it is able to float as demonstrated in Super Smash Bros.

Jigglypuff uses its eyes to mesmerize opponents. Once it achieves this, it will inflate its lungs and begin to sing a soothing lullaby. If the opponent resists falling asleep, Jigglypuff will endanger its own life by continuing to sing until its lungs run out of air. It is able to adjust the wavelength of its voice to match the brain waves of someone in a deep sleep. This helps ensure drowsiness in its opponents. Jigglypuff can mostly be found in lush green plains and grassy meadows.

Pokemon Child’s Deluxe Pikachu Costume

Pokemon Child's Deluxe Pikachu Costume - OnePokemon Child’s Deluxe Pikachu Costume – One

Pikachu is a short, chubby rodent Pokémon. It is covered in yellow fur and its ears are long and pointed with black tips. It has a small mouth, brown eyes, and two red circles on its cheeks. There are pouches inside its cheeks where it stores electricity. It has short forearms with five fingers on each paw, and its feet each have three toes. It has two brown stripes on its back and its tail is in the shape of a lightning bolt with a patch of brown fur at the base. A female will have a V-shaped notch at the end of its tail, which looks like the top of a heart. It is classified as a quadruped, but it has been known to stand and walk on its hind legs.

Pokemon Costumes & Accessories for Kids

Kids will love these Pokemon costumes and accessories! They can dress as their favorite character for Halloween, or use these for dress-up playtime at home throughout the year. Choose from a variety of fun Pokemon costumes for kids here.

 Rubie’s Costume Pokemon Charizard Costume, Small Rubie’s Costume Pokemon Ash Deluxe Child Costume, Pokemon Girl Pikachu Costume Dress, Medium Newcosplay Childrens Pajamas Sleeping Wear Animal Onesies Rubie’s Costume Pokemon Charizard Child Hooded Costume Rubie’s Costume Pokemon Charizard Child Costume Kit Rubie’s Costume Pokemon Ash Child Costume, Small Pokemon Child’s Pikachu Costume – One Color Rubie’s Costume Pokemon Squirtle Child Hooded Costume Rubie’s Costume Pokemon Pikachu Child Hooded Costume Child’s Pikachu Pokemon Costume (Size: Large 7-10) Rubie’s Costume Pokemon Bulbasaur Child Costume Kit Rubie’s Costume Pokemon Bulbasaur Child Hooded Costume Miccostumes Boy’s Pokemon Xy Ash Ketchum Cosplay Child’s Pokemon Treeko Costume (Size:Medium 8-10) Pokemon Little Boys Pikachu Costume Hoodie, Yellow, Child’s Pokemon Ash Halloween Costume (Small 4-7) Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie Costume, Medium Rubie’s Costume Pokemon Charizard Child Novelty Hoodie Pokemon Sand or Trick-or-Treat Pail Rubie’s Costume Pokemon Squirtle Child Costume Kit Halloween Toddler Boy Costumes Pokemon Jumpsuits Halloween Newcosplay Children Unisex Pajamas Kids Animal Costume Pokemon Team Rocket James Costume, Medium OscarNOtis Pokemon Go Pikachu Dress Up Costume Ash Ketchum Cap Original Pokemon Anime Pokemaster Pokemon Child’s Deluxe Ash Costume – One

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