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Political Bobbleheads – Fun to Collect!

Your Favorite Candidates and Presidents!

Bobbleheads have been popular for a long time, but where did they come from? Well, according to bobbleheads.com, bobbleheads have been around since about 1842 where they were described in a story by Nikolai Gogol called The Overcoat. In the story, they were said to have heads that wag like the neck of a plaster cat. In the later 1800’s, figures were created that had spring connected heads that wagged. They were called bobbers or nodders.

There were short spurts of interest in making them in the 1920’s and 30’s, but it was in the 1960’s and 70’s when they were sold at the world series that they really because popular and people started collecting them. You can find almost anyone made into one, from Elvis to George Washington to any famout sports figure.

Start for collection here or add to what you already have, we have all the favorite current presidential candidates as well as presidents of the past.

Donald Trump Bobbleheads

Different Styles

Donald Trump Bobblehead by Royal Bobbles, Presidential Candidate DollDonald Trump Bobblehead by Royal Bobbles, Presidential Candidate DollCheck PriceDonald Trump Bobblehead Political Presidential Candidate Collectible DollDonald Trump Bobblehead Political Presidential Candidate Collectible DollCheck PriceDonald Trump Collectors Edition Wobble Head - Make America Great AgainDonald Trump Collectors Edition Wobble Head – Make America Great AgainCheck PriceDonald Trump Bobblehead with Immigration SignDonald Trump Bobblehead with Immigration SignCheck PriceDonald Trump for President 2016 BobbleheadDonald Trump for President 2016 BobbleheadCheck PriceDonald Trump Limited Edition Bobblehead - Make America Great AgainDonald Trump Limited Edition Bobblehead – Make America Great AgainCheck PriceWobble Figure Donald TrumpWobble Figure Donald TrumpCheck Price

Donald Trump for President Bobblehead Video

Hillary Clinton Bobbleheads

And a Bonus Bill!

Hillary Clinton Bobblehead - 2016 EditionHillary Clinton Bobblehead – 2016 EditionCheck PriceHillary Clinton Striped Pantsuit BobbleheadHillary Clinton Striped Pantsuit BobbleheadCheck PriceHillary Clinton BobbleheadHillary Clinton BobbleheadCheck PriceHillary Clinton Orange Pantsuit BobbleheadHillary Clinton Orange Pantsuit BobbleheadCheck PriceBill Clinton BobbleheadBill Clinton BobbleheadCheck Price

Presidential Bobbleheads

From Now Back to FDR

Barack Obama BobbleheadBarack Obama BobbleheadCheck PriceGeorge W. Bush BobbleheadGeorge W. Bush BobbleheadCheck PriceGeorge H. W. Bush BobbleheadGeorge H. W. Bush BobbleheadCheck PriceRonald Reagan BobbleheadRonald Reagan BobbleheadCheck PricePres. Jimmy Carter  -  BobbleheadPres. Jimmy Carter – BobbleheadCheck PricePres. Richard Nixon BobbleheadPres. Richard Nixon BobbleheadCheck PricePres. Gerald Ford BobbleheadPres. Gerald Ford BobbleheadCheck PriceLyndon B. Johnson BobbleheadLyndon B. Johnson BobbleheadCheck PriceRare Limited Edition Dwight EisenhowerRare Limited Edition Dwight EisenhowerCheck PricePres. Harry Truman BobbleheadPres. Harry Truman BobbleheadCheck PriceFranklin Delano Roosevelt Collector's EditionFranklin Delano Roosevelt Collector’s EditionCheck Price

Founding Fathers Bobbleheads

Historical Figures

George Washington BobbleheadGeorge Washington BobbleheadCheck PriceAbraham Lincoln BobbleheadAbraham Lincoln BobbleheadCheck PriceAndrew Jackson BobbleheadAndrew Jackson BobbleheadCheck PriceThomas Jefferson BobbleheadThomas Jefferson BobbleheadCheck Price

Political Funco Figures

If You Collect More Than Bobbleheads

Funco is well known for making action figures of everyone and political personalities are not exempt!

Donald Trump Pop! Vinyl FigureDonald Trump Pop! Vinyl FigureCheck PriceTrump, Clinton, Sanders Pop!  Set of 3Trump, Clinton, Sanders Pop! Set of 3Check PriceHillary Clinton Pop! Vinyl FigureHillary Clinton Pop! Vinyl FigureCheck Price


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  1. Gypzeerose

    This election is leading to more bobblehead worthy candidates than any I have seen! These political bobbleheads are fun and collectible.

  2. Bobbleheads are always fun but especially during elections!

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