Polka Dot School Binders

Polka Dot Binder

Polka Dot Binder

Cute Polka Dot School Binders

Polka dots are always popular and stylish even on school binders!  There are some really cute binders available that use polka dots as a design element.

Back to school time is nearing and you always need to get new supplies, right?  There are so many wonderfully designed custom polka dot school binders available nowadays so there is no reason to go back to school with plain old binders.  If you have to go back to school, you might as well have some fun new binders.   You will love these cute polka dot school binders.  Make sure you are stocked up before you go back to school!

Most of these binders can be personalized with your name or other text.  Just click on the orange “Customize It” button under the photo when you get to  Zazzle.



All about Polka Dot School Binders

  • 2.8″ spine.
  • Full-color, photo-quality printing.
  • Holds 500 pages with EZ-Turn™ Rings or 540 pages with 1 Touch™ EZD™ Rings.
  • Designed for 8.5″ x 11″ sized paper.
  • Two additional binder sizes available.


Cute Polka Dot Binders for School

'magenta cat' digital painting Binder binderBlack & White Ribbon binderZebra Print Purple Polka Dot School binder

More Polka Dot Binders for Back to School






Quilt-Like Patterned Trees Custom Binder binder











If you would rather have stripes, flowers, or something besides polka dots, be sure to click the Custom Binders banner below and browse all the thousands of beautiful binders at Zazzle.  They have something for everyone!

Custom Binders


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  1. Sara0129

    Cute binders. Like the polka dot ones.

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