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Pool Float Organzier

Pool Float Organizers

Do you have a pool? Then you have floats. A Pool Float Organizer is a must have for your backyard.

When my boys were little, they had toys and floats and noodles and goggles and swimmies that were laying everywhere, on the lawn, on the deck and in the pool. Eventually, one of a pair would get lost and the other one trashed. I finally bought a beverage bin and punched holes in the bottom so the water would drain out and I would have a place to keep those goggles and water guns and ear plugs and all those small things that go with having a pool and lots of kids.

Now that was one problem solved, what to do with the floats and towels leaning and hanging everywhere?

Pool Float Organizers

A Pool Float Organizer is the answer to all those pool floats, towels and any other pool related items. They keep your floats dry when not in use prolonging the life of your float. Your back yard will be free from the clutter of floats laying around and towels hanging on the fence.

There are a variety of different pool float organizers that will accommodate your floats as well as being used as a towel rack or even have a compartment to keep those loose items, such as ear plugs or goggles. No more pool “stuff” getting lost. It is great being able to have everything you need for a day in the pool right where you need it and peace of mind knowing that your child have his goggles to go in the pool without having to run out and buy another pair….priceless.

Pool Float Organizer

My Favorite

This is my favorite pool float organizer! It has room for everything, your floats, your small stuff and a place to hang those wet towels.

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