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Fun Pool Party Games

The Best Games for Pool Parties

Pool Party Games are a great way to have fun in the summer and your party will be remembered long after the party is over. This page has the most popular pool party games to play at your pool party.

A pool party is great for any occasion such as a birthday, sweet sixteen events, or any holiday from spring through fall.

The pool party games you will find here are fun, entertaining, and will be enjoyed by all ages. Pool party games will give any swimming pool a lift and give your guests a great experience.

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Ball-minton on swimming-pool

Pool Party Games That Kids Love!

Fun for Everyone!

When you are choosing a pool party game for kids you can look at the exercise opportunities as well as learning skills such as counting and understanding rules. You will be teaching your kids educationally, offering physical exercise, and they will be having so much fun they will not know they are learning and retaining skills all summer.

POOF Fun Pool Toys Hot Potato Splash GamePOOF Fun Pool Toys Hot Potato Splash GameChuck The Duck Party Pool GameChuck The Duck Party Pool GameTexas Recreation Floating Foam Ring Toss Game for Swimming PoolsTexas Recreation Floating Foam Ring Toss Game for Swimming PoolsFun Express Inflatable Shark Bean Bag Toss GameFun Express Inflatable Shark Bean Bag Toss Game



Riding This Bull is Harder That You Think, But Loads of Fun!

This floating bull is guaranteed to be the hit of your pool party! Kids and adults alike can take their turn trying to stay on this bucking bronco. Hilarious fun for everyone!

Weight capacity 340 pounds. Dimensions are 8′ x 6.5′ x 1.5′.

Intex Inflatabull Inflatable Ride-onIntex Inflatabull Inflatable Ride-on


See the Fun on this Video!

Pool Games with Balls

Beer Pong, Ring Toss, Basketball and More!

Nothing brings more fun to a pool party than team sports! Volleyball is always a blast! Basketball is huge fun and everyone’s favorite Marco Polo always makes for a fun time! There are also games you never thought of as being played in the water like ping pong and beer pong. Pick up a couple of these for your next party, they are guaranteed to be a hit!

Intex Pool Volleyball GameIntex Pool Volleyball GameIntex Floating Hoops Basketball GameIntex Floating Hoops Basketball GameCross Pool Volly Above ground Vollyball GameCross Pool Volly Above ground Vollyball GameSuper Hoops Floating Basketball GameSuper Hoops Floating Basketball GameSwimWays 2-in-1 GameSwimWays 2-in-1 GameIntex Fun Goals Water Polo GameIntex Fun Goals Water Polo GamePoolmaster Floating Table Tennis Game ToyPoolmaster Floating Table Tennis Game ToyInflatable Beer Pong TableInflatable Beer Pong Table


Three Items You should Always Have By Your Pool

For Safety

Items you should always have by the side of your pool:

1. Float Ring – Thrown to a person in trouble that is too far from the side to reach with a pole

2. Safety Pole – To drag a person to the side of the pool so you can help them out

3. Heavy Duty Flashlight – In case there is trouble at night and you need to see if anyone is in your pool

Jumping in a pool to save someone that is drowning should always be the last resort; too many people have drowned themselves while trying to help someone else. A float ring or safety pole is always a safer way to go.

Pool Alarms

Keep Everyone Safe

If you worry about your pool being a danger to neighborhood kids or your own, then a pool alarm is what you need! No installation necessary, just plug it in and get peace of mind!

Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool AlarmPool Patrol PA-30 Pool AlarmPoolguard PGRM-SB Safety Buoy Above Ground Pool AlarmPoolguard PGRM-SB Safety Buoy Above Ground Pool Alarm


Kid’s Arcade Shooter Target Swimming Pool Game

Carnival Style Water Gun Race

Kids of all ages will have fun with this swimming pool game inspired by the classic carnival squirt gun race.

Includes 2 constant supply water guns that draw water from the pool.

Designed for 2 players ages 4 and up.

Adult supervision required

Dimensions: 40″H x 45″W x 36″D

Inflatable Arcade Shooter Target Swimming Pool GameInflatable Arcade Shooter Target Swimming Pool Game


Never Leave Kids Unattended

Children should never be left unattended around a pool, so matter what their age. There is still a very real possibility of drowning, even if a child knows how to swim. Make sure to always have an adult present when kids, even teenagers are swimming.

How To Play Marco Polo

A Traditional Swimming Pool Game

Amount of Players Needed: At least three, but the more the merrier

How to Play: A designated player is deemed to be “it” and closes there eyes for 60 seconds while the other players scatter to separate points in the pool. The person that is It then must keep his eyes closed and swim around the pool, attempting to tag another player. They are alerted to the proximity of other players by calling out “Marco” to which the rest of the players much respond by saying “Polo.”

Objective: To tag another player who then becomes “it.” More importantly, the main objective is to have fun!

Franklin Sports Aquaticz Water PoloFranklin Sports Aquaticz Water Polo


More Fun Pool Games!

For Parties or Just For Everyday Fun!

All kinds of games, any of which is sure to be a hit at your next party. A low cost way to insure summer party success!

Blue Wave Aqua GolfBlue Wave Aqua GolfAqua Dive Rings Pool ToyAqua Dive Rings Pool ToyToss 'N' SplashToss ‘N’ SplashJilong Inflatable Air HockeyJilong Inflatable Air HockeySplash 'n ScoreSplash ‘n ScorePool Dive Toy Set, 17 piecePool Dive Toy Set, 17 pieceLog Flume Joust SetLog Flume Joust SetSurf and Turf Dive RingsSurf and Turf Dive Rings


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