Pop Out Pets

Pop Out Pets – The 3 in one Stuffed Animal

Pop out pets are the three in one stuffed animal that is a soft and cuddly plush animal great for inspiring a child’s imagination. With the rain forest pet children can pretend they’re in the rain forest and meet a monkey, parrot and frog. They will have hours and hours of fun playing make believe.

Kids always seem to want to take a toy with them when they travel. With these they can take one stuffed animal and have 3 friends to play with. Children of all ages will love these pets. At night they’ll want to cuddle and sleep with them as they are so soft.

Pop Out Pets

Three In One Stuffed Animal Transforming Plush Toy (Sea Life Savers)

Pop Out Pets- As Seen On TV

There are so many three in one stuffed animals pop out pets as seen on TV available to choose from. The 3 stuffed animals in one easily transforms with a quick flip. Flip the dog or kittens pop out pets to see different dog and kitten breeds. Or maybe your child likes to imagine he/she is an ocean diver changes from a turtle, dolphin and walrus. Go to fantasy land and meet a unicorn, a dragon and a phoenix. Great for story telling too.

 Pop Out Pets Dogs, Reversible Plush Toy, Get 3 Stuffed Animals in One – Bulldog, Golden Labrador & Beagle, 8 in. Pop Out Pets Fantasy, Reversible Plush Toy, Get 3 Stuffed Animals in One – Unicorn, Dragon & Phoenix, 8 in. Pop Out Pets Kittens, Reversible Plush Toy, Get 3 Stuffed Animals in One – Tuxedo, Snowball & Tabby Cats, 8 in. Pop Out Pets Ocean, Reversible Plush Toy, Get 3 Stuffed Animals in One – Turtle, Dolphin & Walrus, 8 in. Pop Out Pets Rain Forest, Reversible Plush Toy, Get 3 Stuffed Animals in One – Parrot, Frog & Monkey, 8 in.

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  1. These aren’t just fun toys but they’re also smart plush toys! What a lovely idea, three toys in one!

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