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Portable Greenhouses

Portable Greenhouses & Greenhouse Tents

A portable greenhouse and greenhouse tents are a great way to grow your own produce in the comfort of your back yard!

Grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, plants, and flowers in your portable greenhouse and enjoy them with family, or sell them for profit.

These greenhouses and tents will keep the growing atmosphere at a temperature and humidity for optimal growing, no matter what the weather is outside. You will have plush and beautiful plants in no time, and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Whether you grow for a hobby or a business, these portable greenhouses and greenhouse tents will give you a great start on your growing business.

Get growing today! To learn more about each product featured here, simply click on any of the photos below.

Portable Greenhouses on Amazon

Flower House Conservatory Clear Greenhouse

Flower House FHCV900 Conservatory Clear Greenhouse

Flower House Conservatory Clear Greenhouse

The Conservatory design is compact and lightweight for easy transport, setup, and take down — no assembly is required. The Conservatory door is located in the center for maximum space usage inside. Screened vent openings allow for optimum air circulation. Straps are attached to the side of the door and above the vents to hold them open while you work in your garden or ventilate your Conservatory. With the vents open, air circulates throughout the Conservatory to prepare plants for planting in outdoor conditions. With the vents closed, your plants remain protected from insects, birds, and other pests, as well as wind, frost, and snow. Now you can garden year-round.


Selection of Portable Greenhouses

Amazon has some unique portable greenhouses that will serve you well. Grow vegetables, herbs, plants and flowers in your greenhouse and enjoy them with your family and friends.

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I would love to have one of these portable greenhouses in my yard. My favorite is the Flower House Conservatory Clear Greenhouse. The woman seems so happy surrounded by all her flowers.

    • I love these greenhouses since they are portable, dont use much space, and you can grow year round all your favorite plants and flowers! Thanks so much for your comment, much appreciated. I adore gardening!!!

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