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Potato Candy Recipe


Potato Candy is Delicious!

My mom used to make potato candy one or two times every year. She would always make it for Christmas along with some of her best cookies. It was such a treat, and even though potatoes and peanut butter might not sound good mixed together, you have got to taste it to believe it!

Mom taught me how to make it, and I still do so on occasion. I try not to make too many sweets anymore, because if I have them in the house, I will eat them, and I don’t need them.

Potato candy is a great treat for any holiday or just to give your family a nice dessert any time. This recipe is super easy and quick to make.

I’d love to hear your feedback after trying this recipe!


Ingredients You’ll Need

*1 medium russet potato

*2lb bag of confectioners sugar

*Peanut Butter (enough to spread over dough…probably less than 1 cup)

*1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

*2 dashes salt


1) Peel your potato and cut it into small chunks.

2) Boil for 10-15 minutes in a medium saucepan.

3) Drain potatoes thoroughly then mash.

4) Set 1/2 of the mashed potatoes aside in case you need them later. If you end up not needing any more, you can discard them later.

5) Add 1/2 bag of the confectioner’s sugar into the mashed potatoes. The sugar will make them very thin (almost watery) at first, but then they’ll thicken up. Keep adding sugar until the mixture thickens like dough. If you get it too thick, add a bit more of the potatoes that you have set aside, but not too many.

6) Add 2 dashes of salt and 1 tsp. of vanilla sugar to the mixture (optional…it tastes good without both of these ingredients, too).

7) Continue stirring until the mixture will roll into a big ball of dough.

8) Sprinkle your counter with confectioner’s sugar and roll the ball of dough out with a rolling pin until it is about 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick. To help avoid dough sticking to your countertop, you can roll the dough on a piece of wax paper with a little powdered sugar on it, then place wax paper over your dough, too, and it won’t stick to your rolling pin.

9) Spread a thin layer of peanut butter on the dough (get as close to edges as possible) then gently start rolling it up into a log. Take your time and use a knife, because some of the dough might stick to your counter top.

10) After you have the dough rolled into a log, wrap it in wax paper and chill for at least one hour or until it is nice and firm.

11) Take the chilled log out of the refrigerator, and cut the log into small pieces…1/4″ to 1/2″

12) Place pieces of the potato candy on a plate or platter and enjoy!

*No need to keep them refrigerated unless your house is very hot.

Photos of Potato Candy I Made on Jan 24, 2016

Video: how to make potato candy

Enjoy Your Delicious Potato Candy!

Items You MIght Need for Your Potato Candy

 Simply Calphalon Nonstick 4-Quart Saucepan J.K. Adams 12-Inch-by-2-3/4-Inch Maple Wood Medium Gourmet Rolling Pin Reynolds Cut Rite Wax Paper – 60 SQ. FT. per domino confectioners sugar 10x powdered pure cane sugar, 4 lb Jif Creamy Peanut Butter, 48 Ounce, 2 count McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract-16 OZ

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