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Pretty Pink Backpacks

Girls’ Pink Backpacks

There are some times, and certainly some people for whom the only color that will do is Pink. Pink backpacks can serve a multitude of purposes for young girls, as well as not so young girls. Choose your favorite pink backpack on this page. All of our favorites are here. We even have a pink backpack for those of you who play volleyball.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that “pink backpack” is limited to only one style or shade. There are so many varieties of backpacks that are pink and still offer different features as well. They are available for hikers, school kids, smaller children, people who prefer backpacks instead of purses, and others. They can be simple or they can be elaborate. While pink may be the predominant color, there are also backpacks with a multitude of other colors available on them.

Pink Leopard Serious BackpackHorses in Pink Sidekick Backpack

Interesting Fact: In the Elizabethan Era, only certain people were allowed by law to wear the color pink. Color denoted status and wealth, so people could not wear any color they liked.Pink backpacks for hikers should include plenty of pockets. They will have to store water bottles, perhaps a GPS, wet wipes, and a host of other tools used by hikers. Hidden pockets are also a plus, so money can be tucked away. Children also enjoy many pockets in their backpacks. They can always find things to put into them.Backpacks are also good for people who often have doctor or hospital appointments. They can keep their appointment books, puzzle books, pens, medications and much more inside.

 Hot Pink Tropical Flower Backpacks Pink Parrot Tulip Flower Floral Tulips Personalized Lace drawstring backpack

Pink hasn’t always been associated with the feminine population. In medieval times, pink was the color of the hose worn by many men.

Hot pink, fuchsia, Persian rose and puce are all variations of the color pink. Hues can be subtle and light, or they can be almost electric. Neon pink is also a shade which many people like. Pink backpacks, therefore, come in a variety of shades of pink. Colors that go along well with it are yellow, purple (pink and purple is a popular combination), and gray. Pink and brown is a very retro look, and gaining popularity.

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Which bag is the most stylish? Which has the most pockets? Will it be durable? Choose your favorite. Pink in every print and style you can imagine.

Trailmaker Girls’ Dots BackpackPINK Campus BackpackLightweight Canvas Laptop BackpackLightweight Canvas Cute BackpackPink and Black Zebra PrintVera Bradley Campus Backpack

Soft Pink Girls’ Backpacks

These pretty pink backpacks will be appreciated by young girls and teens alike. They are soft pink and easy on the eyes, and oh so lovely. Girls will be proud to carry these backpacks to school and more!

 High Sierra Swerve BackpackCHECK PRICE Bixbee Girls 2-6X Sparkalicious BackpackCHECK PRICE

And whatever style backpack you choose this year, have a super successful year of classes, fun, friends, and safety.

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