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Printed Dry Erase White Boards for Students

Students Will Love These Dry Erase White Boards

Printed dry erase white boards for dorm rooms, kitchen and dining areas, community boards, or just to leave little reminders about test day! These white boards are fun! Printed with the highest quality and space left to write your messages. They are perfect for high school or college kids in their dorm rooms. Even moms and dads can love these printed dry erase boards. Featuring funny redneck quotes and country girl designs below. There are many other fun designs to pick from as well. I am only featuring a small selection here. Designs that say “Hey That’s A Fact Jack”, “Happy Happy Happy”, “Country Girls Like To Play In The Mudd”, “I’m No Yuppy Jack”, “Girls Never Hunt For Ducks”, and “Redneck Girls”. These are printed white boards that any teenager or college age students would love.

Printed Students Dry Erase White Boards

Hey Thats A Fact Jack Dry Erase Board
Cute Duck Hey Thats A Fact Jack Quote Dry-Erase Whiteboards by Thomas Carlson
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Size: Medium w/ Pen

Keep a reminder about your to-do list near the door: Here are some of the coolest printed dry-erase boards from Zazzle! Vibrant printing using the AcryliPrint®HD process. Customize these dry-erase boards with photos, artwork, or erasable text to create a unique style that is all you!. These dry erase boards are featured in three sizes. Dry-erase boards are the perfect size for the kitchen, office, school locker, or college dorm room.

– Three sizes: 8″ x 8″ (small), 12″ x 8″ (medium), and 22″ x 16″ (large).
– Add photos, artwork and text.
– Includes black dry-erase pen and mounting equipment.

Dry Erase White Boards For Sale


Customer Review

“The quality of this board is great. This is my second one now and I can’t get over how beautiful they come out. Great quality dry erase board. I love the slick feel of the board and how easy to write and erase they are.”
– by Moon Art and Designs

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Dry Erase Boards on Zazzle

Make Your Own Dry Erase Board
Make Your Own Dry Erase Board by thomascarlson
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Watch An Artist Draw Bart Simpson On A Dry Erase Board

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