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Propane Tank Covers

Propane Tank Covers

Propane Tank Covers can make any old rusty propane tank take on a new and interesting look.

So many of us barbeque throughout the year, even in the cold winter months. The barbeque is always up and running and ready to cook up that favorite steak. With any barbeque comes a propane tank which is returned each time you fill and and there is no telling what the refilled tank is going to look like. That rusty and beat up propane tank is an eye sore in your outdoor living space.

These decorative and creative propane tank covers will make any old tank look new and will fit in with your outdoor decor. Your friends and family will be asking “where did you get that?”

Nylon/Cotton Propane Tank Covers

Cotton/Nylon Propane Tank Covers are made of a durable outdoor cotton or nylon material that is weather resistant to protect your propane tank keep your cover looking new. They are washable in cold water. Designed with sewn-in velcro strips for quick and easy wrap-around installation and fits any standard 20 pound propane tank.

 Propane Tank CoverCheck Price Propane Tank CoverCheck Price Propane Tank CoverCheck Price

Magnetic Propane Tank Covers

Magnetic Propane Tank Covers are reusable, printed, die-cut, decorative propane tank covers. They are easy to apply to any standard 20 pound propane tank. Once the tank is empty, simply remove the magnet from the empty tank and reapply it to your new tank. They have a clear-coat that prolongs life, helps to prevent staining and is washable. These are not decals or a painted application. They leave no residue, and give the customer the ability to customize their propane tanks like never before.

 American Flag Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price Mossy Oak Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price BBQ Pig Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price Grill ‘Em All Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price Tiki Bar Magnetic Tank CoverCheck Price BBQ Bull Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price Beer Glass Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price Camo Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price Mossy Oak Magnetic Propane Tank CoverCheck Price

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