Pumpkin Soup Tureen

Pumpkin Soup Tureens

A Pumpkin Soup Tureen is perfect for serving a piping hot bowl of soup or can be used for any fall occasion. A Pumpkin Soup Tureen is large enough for the punch at your next family and friends gathering. It is that one piece you can’t do without, especially on a cold fall day.

Pumpkin Soup Tureens

Pumpkin Soup Tureens are a wonderful way to serve your favorite hot soup on a chilly fall day. They are designed to keep your soup hot so you’ll always have a hot bowl. They also keep the fall season decor with you during all your dinners, especially Thanksgiving. Don’t have soup, these Pumpkin Soup Tureens will also keep your stuffing or mashed potatoes hot during your family dinners, just pop on the top to keep the steam in and the handle ladle will make it easy to serve.

Pumpkin Soup Tureen

While Pumpkin Soup Tureens come in a variety of wonderful fall colors, the off white or cream colored ones will accent any color you choose for your Thanksgiving table. The wonderful colors of your vegetables or side dishes will look brighter and tastier against the white background.

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Pumpkin Soup Tureens

These wonderful fall colored Pumpkin Soup Tureens are not only shaped like a pumpkin but colored to look like one too. They are a great addition to any fall table setting bringing those crisp fall colors right onto your table.

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