Pumpkin Stands

Pumpkin Stands

Pumpkin Stands are a great accessory for the many decorations that adorn your home during the crisp fall weather. Your pumpkin stand will give your pumpkin a new look being held by a goblin or sitting sitting in a carriage. It will also keep your pumpkin off the ground so that it will last longer.

Pumpkin Stands

Fall is the season of cool, crisp weather and some wonderful holidays. Decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving includes pumpkins, lots of pumpkins. Who doesn’t love carving pumpkins with the family or friends? A pumpkin stand lets you show off your workmanship or your children’s for all to see. Keeping the pumpkins off the ground will also keep your pumpkin looking fresh through out the season. No more rotting pumpkins on your porch. Even if you don’t carve or decorate your pumpkins, you can place your pumpkin on a stand that creates a new look for your porch or yard.

Pumpkin People

Pumpkin Stands

Add some character to your pumpkin carving tradition. Don’t just set your carved pumpkins on the front stoop, give your pumpkins what they deserve, a body to add to the fun. set your pumpkin on this grim reaper body to really show your Halloween spirit, all while creating more than just your same old jack-o-lantern. With this body stand you will create something everyone will enjoy.

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Dog Pumpkin Holder

 Dog Pumpkin Holder with Light-up EyesCheck It Out

Simply set your pumpkin in this adorable dog pumpkin holder, insert the head and tail and you’ll have the cutest Halloween pooch ever! His eyes even light up so he can greet your nighttime trick-or-treaters. Base measures 9 1/2″Dia. x 5″H.

Pumpkin Stand

Not into carving your pumpkin? No mess, no fuss pumpkin stands. You can Turn a plain pumpkin into a unique Halloween design. Simply drop a pumpkin into a black metal stand and display it on your porch, walkway, deck or Halloween table to create a fun look.

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Happy Halloween

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  1. I didn’t know there were so many lovely pumpkin stands! I’m now inspired to buy some…

  2. MareeT

    Great idea for giving pumpkins a lift, love it!

  3. Whoever dreamed up the idea of pumpkin stands is a genius. I love the spider one and the coach, just like Cinderella. So cute!

  4. Absolutely love your pumpkin stands, very creative.

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