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Purple Locker Decorations

Decorate Your Locker In Purple

I love the color purple! If these gadgets were available back when I was in school I would surely have my whole locker decorated in purple. I was lucky enough to have a purple mirror. Here you will find anything you could possibly need, use or want for your locker in the color purple. Things to help you keep organized and things to create your locker into your own designed space. Everyone will be flocking to your locker to see all your neat and cool purple locker accessories. Transform your dark boring locker into something wonderfully special.

Purple Locker Shelf

There’s only a limited amount of time to go to your locker. You need to be able to find what you need and find it fast. These shelves help you get the most out of the space you have in your locker. Stack multiple shelves together for even more storage space. Stack books underneath and on top the shelf. There is a purple wire locker shelf helps add the most space to your vertical locker. Attach the five star shelf extender to your lockers existing hooks. A great place to store your books at eye level. The bottom hooks are a great a place to store your jacket, umbrella or book bag. These all support up to 100 lbs.

 Five Star Extra Tall Locker Shelf, Holds 100 lbs., Fits 12 Width Five Star Locker Shelf Extender, Berry Pink/Purple (72892) Five Star Locker Shelf (Purple) with Locker Mirror and Locker Dry Erase

Purple Locker Rug

A locker is such a hard and dark place. Cozy it up like you would your home with one of these purple rugs. From plush to shaggy create a nice soft place to set your belongings. Some of these even come with a purple mirror, white board and locker bin.

 Locker Rug Purple Locker Lookz Bin, Dry Erase Board, Rug and Peony Flower Magnet – LockerLookz 3-piece Purple Magnetic White Board, Magetic Bin and Locker Rug Bundle Totally Me! Locker Rug-purple Locker Lookz Mirror and Rug Set 2015 Limited Edition (Set of 2)

Purple Locker Pencil Cup/Bin

Purple Locker Wallpaper

These purple locker wall paper designs are sure to fit every personality. Available in scroll, zebra, and cheetah patterns. These locker wall paper panels are so easy to install and they fit most standard size school lockers. Their pre cut with magnetic backings. If for any reason they don’t fit perfectly simply trim to fit. What a statement these will make.

 Locker Wallpaper – Purple Glitter Scroll by Locker Lookz Purple Zebra Locker Wallpaper Luv Ur Locker Wallpaper – Purple & Black Cheetah Rock Your Locker Animal Safari Cheetah Zebra 2 – 36

Purple Locker Mirror

I know how important appearance is to tweens and teens. They can check their hair and make up in between classes with these purple locker mirrors. Available in round or rectangle. I really like the five star one that has a storage pocket.

 LockerLookz Locker Mirror – Purple Chevron – 1 piece Locker Dudes Magnetic Mirror, 5 in. x 7 in., Purple Five Star Locker Mirror with Storage Pocket, 7 x 9 Inches, Berry Five Star Locker Mirror, 5.5 x 5.5 Inches, Berry Pink/Purple (72562)

Purple Locker Chandelier

The fiber optic motioned sensored lights are the only ones I could find in the color purple. They also come in pink and aqua. It comes in a pack of 6, the plastic beads create the chandelier look. Put some light in your locker with the flashing multi color fiber optics. Strong magnets hold it in firmly in place.

 Inkology Glo-Lite Magnetic Chandelier, Color May Vary, 1 Chandelier (260-4)

Purple Locker Locks

In middle school we got to bring our own combination locks in. When I got to high school they were pre made on the locker. BORING! Express your love of purple with these locker locks. Master combination locks have been around for a long time. It will be easy to identify your locker with a purple lock.

 Master Combination Lock Padlock for Luggage Suitcase Locker 3 Digit Purple 2-Pack of 1-3/4 LOHOME® 5-Dial Metal Combination Padlock Resettable Lock Luggage Suitcase Travel (Purple) Dreamtop 4-Dial TSA Combination Padlock for Travel Holiday Suitcase Luggage Bag Code

Purple Locker Accessories

According to the dictionary the word accessory means an addition to make something more useful or attractive. Here you will find all the purple locker accessories to do just that. You can make your locker more useful by organizing it with such things as magnets, dry erase board and a hook. The magnets can hold your homework or maybe the new boy in class number. Hang your umbrella or lunch bag on the handy suction hooks. Write important notes on the magnetic dry erase board. Lockers can be so dark, put a little light on the subject with one of these five star locker lights. The pencil cups hold extra pens, pencils, markers, scissors etc. All these accessories also beautify your locker capturing your unique personality.

 Five Star Push Button Locker Colored Light, LED, Locker Accessories, Locker Lookz Purple Multi Color Clover Bin, Purple Rug, Yellow Locker Dry Erase Board – Purple Damask Print Locker Gem Magnet Purple Five Star Pivoting Locker Light, Locker Accessories, Purple, 3.67 in. Five Star Suction Cup Hook,2.63 x 1.93 x 1 Inches, WeGlow International Locker Bin, Purple Chevron Five Star Magnetic Locker Split Pencil Cup, Berry Pink/Purple (72898)

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    Love the pencil cup!

  2. I love this new craze of decorating lockers! Purple is great for pre-teen girls too!

  3. Purple is also my favorite color. Some really great locker ideas here, thank you.

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