Hilarious Quirky Gifts for Women

Quirky Gifts for Women

Quirky gifts for women are always a hoot! And there’s nothing more fun than a gaggle of women with the giggles. Make someone smile and laugh with these unique novelty gifts. I’ve searched the web to find some very cool items that I myself would enjoy giving and receiving.

You’ll find some fun selection here that will make others happy and that you will be happy to give, as well!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! The best gag gifts will get people laughing and smiling and will make any occasion brighter and more enjoyable!

Quirky Gifts for Women in Accessories

Quirky Socks and Scarves for Women

A little surprise humor in accessories for women is always fun to wear. See who notices your quirky attire. You might be a bit shocked by the people who simply do not pay attention and then, are suddenly aware and begin to giggle.

Charcoal Kittenster Crew SocksThe Pizza ScarfBacon Socks – Red and White Knee HighsDachshund Extra Long Knit ScarfFox Over the Knee SocksThe Bikini Scarf

Quirky Gifts for Women in the Bathroom

Funny Gifts for Women That They Can Actually Use

Even as adults, we find bathroom humor to be hilarious! And the marketers know it. Two of my favorite quirky bathroom gifts are very useful as well. The first is a product called Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray — and if you have not seen it yet, well, you simply have to buy a can for yourself and try it. You will want a Poo-pouri gift for all your friends. The second is, of course, the Squatty Potty. The squatty potty is actually good for your health, but it is a terribly funny gift for your friends. You know everybody at the party will have to try to get the squatty potty in place and try it for themselves, don’t you?

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray 2-Ounce BottleSquatty Potty® Ecco Toilet Stool, 7inch (2-Pack)Party Pooper Poo-PourriPoo Pourri Stocking Stuffers

Quirky Gifts for Women At Home

Giggle When You’re Blue

Women need to laugh as often as possible and funny decorative items for her home are always delightful. I recently read that we need to have at least one humorous item in each room. Whether it’s wall decor, or a silly figurine, or a funny mug — anything that makes us smile is a boost!

Rooster Brand Coffee Nostalgic Retro Funny Vintage Tin Sign Metal Wall DécorToilet Smiley Face Decal Bathroom StickerHot Chicks Inside, Funny Comical Rooster Small Sculpture Statue Figure, 6-inchToilet Paper Funny Saying Home Decor Humor Bathroom Wall SignFunny You May Speak Now 11OZ Coffee Mug NoveltyLady Figurine Balancing Coffee with Keep Me Caffeinated! InscriptionClassy, sassy and a bit smart assy – 11 OZ Coffee MugNew Funny Feeling Crabby Sign Wall Plaque Nautical Decor Coastal Picture Crab

Quirky Gifts for Women Who Write Notes

Well, my friend Margie and I decided one day that we had always wanted a tutu and now was the time. We are senior citizens after all and it’s time to make those dreams come true. We hollered and laughed for 2 days. I used some of the photos from that silly day to make ridiculous fun cards for women friends. There’s nothing more fun than silliness with your BFF!
Your BFF will enjoy sending out these cards all year — and you can personalize them to suit yourself!

Tutu Friendship CardsGreeting Cards for Senior Citizens – Tutu Fun

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