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Rain Barrels

Rain Catchers

Rain Barrels and Rain Catcher help the environment and your pocket book by conserving water. You are able to “collect” rain water in your rain barrel and use it to water your plants. They are beautifully designed to enhance your outdoor decor and are made of a durable resin, they are built to last and maintain their beauty year after year.

Rain Barrel Planter Combination

 Palm Rain Barrel

Good Ideas 50-Gallon Rain Saver is designed with a self-draining planter top and built-in overflow. It features dual spigot locations, allowing you to use a hose and spigot simultaneously and an anti-debris/bug screen. Constructed with thick and durable polyethylene resin, which holds up to the harshest elements, the exterior has the appearance of linen. There is also a channel built into the rim, which diverts overflowing water to the front and away from the barrel and home foundation. You can have peace of mind that you’re helping the environment by conserving water and giving your garden the best water it can get, devoid of harsh chemicals and rich in nutrients. And you can perform that conservation without sacrificing your home’s outer appearance. Available in 9 stylish colors.



Rain Barrels

 Planter-Urn Rain Barrel Agua 50-Gallon Rain Barrel Cascata Rain Water Barrel Castilla Rain Barrel Green Rain Barrel Rain Wizard Rain Barrel Stand for Rain Barrel Wood Grain Rain Barrel Wood Grain Rain Barrel Painted Rain Barrel Big Blue Rain Barrel Portable Rain Barrel

Madison Rain Catcher and Planter Combination

 Madison Style Rain Catcher

Conserve with style! Beautifully detailed, collect rain from your downspout to water your flowers and save money on your water bill! Complete with a planter top to display beautiful flowers or plants. The Madison Rain Catcher is all about function and is a beautiful display of the fruits of water conservation. The self-contained and removable planter is completely separate from the water reservoir, allowing access to the stored water to quickly fill watering cans. Downspout connector not included. 40 gallon water capacity.


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