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Rare Skylanders

Rare Skylanders List

Despite spending more hours than I want to think about searching for rare and hard to find Skylanders variants, to date I have only found one; a metallic purple Eye Brawl (as pictured).

I would bet, however, that your average collector will never see one in the wild. Of course, this should not really come as a surprise given the ridiculously limited supply of these figures when compared to the millions of people that want them.

And you know what happens when you have a huge demand coupled with a microscopic supply; a massive secondary market!

The Skylanders market on auction sites, such as eBay, started out hot and continues to be so even today; despite the fact that the original game is a few years old now. With that beings said, I thought it would be fun to put together a quick little guide documenting a few recent sales of the more popular chase figures; a rare Skylanders list if you will.

Item Credit: me (as sold on eBay)

Rare and Hard to Find Skylanders Trap Team

Kaos Trap

Skylanders Trap Team: Kaos Trap PackCheck PriceSkylanders TRAP TEAM —- LIFE TRAP —- RARE limited edition E3 Exclusive 2014 characters riot shield shredder green translucentCheck PriceSkylanders TRAP TEAM Exclusive Water Trap [Outlaw Brawl & Chain Captured Inside]Check PriceSkylanders Trap Team Rebel Lob Goblin Trap [Light Trap]Check Price

Skylanders Pearl Hex

2012 Toy Fair Exclusive – Nuremberg, Germany

In my humble opinion, this was the variant that started the whole chase figure craze for this franchise.

Given out exclusively to those in attention at the 2012 Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany, this translucent white (aka pearl) Hex figure has consistently sold for north of $200 since its release date

Over the past few months, the price seems to have stabilized around $200. I have seen sales that range from $150 to $250 depending upon how well the seller optimized his listing!

Skylanders Metallic Cynder

2012 Toy Fair Exclusive – New York, New York

While it is certainly true that many people, especially Americans, did not have the opportunity to travel to Germany for the Nuremberg Toy Fair, the 2012 Toy Fair in New York proved equally as exciting.

It was here that attendees had the chance to grab one of the coolest variants on my rare Skylanders list; the marvelous Metallic Cynder.

Let’s face it, Cynder is a main character and the paint scheme on this bad boy is pretty awesome. Not only is it cool, it is super hard to find. Like the Pearl Hex featured above the price on this figure has come down in the past few months as well. You can now grab one for around $200.

Skylanders Giants Metallic Green Shroomboom

Of all the figures on my list, this color shifting, metallic green Shroomboom is, by far, the rarest.

This toy was never sold in stores and was not even available at any Toy Fair or conventions. Nope; in order to get your hands on one of these hard to find ‘shrooms you had to either be an Activision employee or closely associated with one.

If you want one you are certainly going to need to save your pennies as they routinely sell for well north of $1,000; with some selling as high as $1,600.

UPDATE: This figure has been subsequently re-released and is now available for around $20 on eBay.

Skylanders Swap Force Gold Fire Kraken

In case you have not noticed the trend here, most of the super rare figures are somehow exclusive. Whether you could only get them from attending some event or working with Activision, the key thing to note is that many are simply not available to the common collector.

The Swap Force Gold Fire Kraken is no exception.

Given to the Beenox developers after they completed their work on Swap Force, this golden repaint is currently burning up the auctions over at eBay, selling for between $500 and $800 each. Makes me want to be a game developer even more!

Skylanders Gold Chop Chop

Any cornerstone of your collection should start with this sensational Skylanders Gold Chop Chop.

When Spryo’s Adventure first hit the shelves, this figure could be found in extremely limited quantities.

You would have had to get really lucky, however, to actually find one. My son and I, in fact, spent hour after hour driving from store to store trying to get our hands on one with absolutely no success.

If, however, you have an extra $100 laying around you can still get it on eBay. It certainly is worth the price of admission!

Skylanders Stone Whirlwind

When I first laid eyes on this chase figure I was not really sure that I liked it. To me, it actually looked like a mistake. Of course, once I found out how hard it was to find, I wanted it immediately.

This grayish colored winged warrior looks radically regal when placed on the Giants portal of power. Of course, it is set on an orange colored base consistent with all Skylanders Giants figures.

This version could be found in single packs as well in the triple packs that included Whirlwind, Pop Fizz, and Trigger Happy towards the end of the Skylanders Giants release.

If you want to add this toy to your collection it will now set you back around $200 regardless of whether you want the single pack or the three pack.

Skylanders Stone Zook

While it is certainly true that no one, besides Activision perhaps, knows exactly how many of each Skylanders variant was produced, this Stone Zook is believed to be among the most limited.

Similar to the Stone Whirlwind featured above, this toy was randomly packaged in single packs and triple packs for the second game; Giants. Despite being a peace-loving creature, Zook carries with him, at all times, a large piece of bamboo and a massive rocket.

You can generally find this guy on eBay for around $150 to $200. Although you can grab him for a bit less it just want him loose and not in the package.

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