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The Best Types of Rat Cages

There are lots of options for picking out rat cages. First you should understand a little about what pet rats really like in a home. Rats are very intelligent and need to have things to stimulate them. Climbing is lots of fun for rats, having tubes to crawl through and places to hide and sneak are a must also. Bearing this in mind when you look at rat cages you should choose a cage with a decent amount of height.

It is important to always remember that pet rats like all rodents have teeth that are constantly growing. To keep this in check they gnaw on anything and everything.  Plastic rat cages and accessories are a no-no.

The basic items all rat cages need:

Water bottle–Ideally you should place this on the outside of the rat cage for ease of refilling. If you must place it inside the cage make sure it is glass with a metal top.

Food bowl–Chances are your rat will empty the food bowl out and make little stashes of food everywhere but, it keeps it tidy to start instead of throwing the food into the shavings.

Nest box- -Honestly as a hide/nesting box a small cardboard box is perfect. You will need to change the box out as they will chew it to ribbons but, they will have a lot of fun doing it! Your rats will have a great time remodelling their new home.


That covers the basics now for let’s talk rat goodies. There are rat cages available with multiple levels and ramps, your pet rats will love. Throw in a few rat hammocks and some rope to climb across and enjoy their antics!

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  1. Sandy

    I sure could have used this info years ago when my boys were growing up.

  2. I know you’re trying to talk about cages here, but the little guy in the picture is just adorable. :)

    • I couldn’t resist rat pups (two to three weeks old) are hands down the cutest age. In a week or so she will be wrestling and play fighting with her siblings.

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