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Red Serpent the Prophet’s Secrets

Book Bag

Book Bag

Red Serpent,The Prophet’s Secrets:  Book Review

This is book two of a series written by Delson Armstrong. It is a science fiction adventure about  war between human race and evil race of  vampires.

I have not read the first book and am not a science fiction fan I had a very hard time reading the book as it was not of interest to me. I do not like most bo0ks of terror .

The human race had left their home planet to live on a space station so the vampires could not breed and harvest them. The humans are trying to return to earth and are battling the vampires to accomplish this.

Red Serpent, the Prophet”s Secrets  is a story of battles, fantasy powers and politics of vampires vs humans. It is also about Alex, the Falsifier and his supernatural powers.

There are to be  twelve more books in this series. It seems well written if you like this type of story.

Red Serpent, the Prophet”s Secrets was sent me by Good Reads and this review is my own opinion.

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