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RedGage Graphic Design Service

Many of us work online through various web based business ventures. I am offering a Graphic Design Service for custom graphics that are perfect for promoting your online business. I promote my Zazzle shops on my own websites(and here on Webnuggetz) and have found that eye catching graphics grab the attention of shoppers and create interest.

One of the ways I promote Zazzle shops/products is on Redgage. The graphics below were sized to fit into a RedGage post. You can view some of the RedGage posts I have made using this graphics:

I’m offering to create custom graphics that are sized to fit RedGage posts but work anywhere you would like to advertise yourself or your products/business.

One 490×490 graphic is only $6!

This graphic is a great foundation for showcasing and promoting Zazzle and Cafepress shops or products. If you do not have a site or product to promote than all text can be used to promote yourself or sell your services. Check out the following examples:

Colors are limited to the following:

If you’re interested in ordering a graphic please have an idea of what you want such as promoting a certain Zazzle or Cafepress, your website or blog or service. Do you want images? How many? what about text? Have an idea of what text and images you want. The graphic will be saved as a transparent .png so you can use it regardless of background color. I can save the graphic to your desired format(s).

I have thousands of different fonts to choose from and through discussion we can complete a promotional graphic you will be happy with.

You can contact me (artisticmind) through the sites private message system to get started!

You can ask any questions in the comments below:)

I work in the graphic arts and internet marketing fields. I love creating art that covers topics from sports to spiritual designs. Several of my Zazzle shops are: Earth Tribe Gallery, Buddhism Gifts, and Law Enforcement Gifts.
I offer design services for various promotional graphics Custom Design Service

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