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Relax… it’s Carpet Maintenance

The Beauty of Carpet

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have carpet flooring that shows the same hard-wearing durability as a hardwood or stone floor? With such limitations as color fading, staining and poor backing, it’s no surprise why many people have switched over to other types of flooring that prove to be more dependable. With this in mind, carpet manufacturers are transforming the performance of carpet so that it maintains its standing as the number one flooring choice for homeowners. A good example of this kind of advanced carpet technology is Relax … it’s Lees carpet by

It’s no surprise why homeowners prefer carpet for their home. No other flooring is quite as soft and inviting as carpet. Even businesses opt for carpeting because of its slip resistant properties, ease of maintenance and availability of color schemes. Yet even with all the benefits that carpeting has to offer, keeping it clean and looking new can be tough. In fact, carpet gets dirty the first day it’s installed, which is why you need to have a game plan in action before the carpet is rolled out.

Improved Resistance to Stains

One great way to get the jump on carpet maintenance is to choose a really durable brand. For extra durable brands like Lees Carpet, it’s not just the assembly of materials that’s important, but also the way the manufacturer understands carpet. For example, many carpets used to have very little stain resistance and allowed spills to instantly seep into the fibers of the carpeting. The best defense was to apply carpet cleaners and special cleaning agents to lift the stain, but these products were known to damage the surface of the carpet and strip away color.

Thanks to advanced engineering and a better understanding of carpet materials, today’s carpets resist soiling by hiding stains and releasing them. Even so, you do need to do some maintenance.

Handling stains on stain-resistant carpet

If you do need to use anything on the carpeting, plain water is best. Always blot the stain gently until you see the stain start to transfer; never push down or rub the stain into the carpet. Cold water is ideal, but you’ll find that hot stains work best with water of the same temperature. If water does not work, you can try water mixed with a mild detergent. If that proves unsuccessful, your next step is to reach out to the manufacturer and determine if there is a line of products made safe for your carpet. It’s always important to take these precautions so that you don’t void the warranty.

Stain Protection and Warranty

Interestingly, when selecting a carpet for the home or office, you’ll find countless advice columns that tell you the best colors, the best brands and the best materials to look for. Yet there is little advice on actually selecting a quality carpet that has adequate stain protection, a comprehensive warranty and patented technology. These are the aspects that are often overlooked yet they happen to be most important.

For example, a good carpet warranty should include stain protection from specific agents like pet stains, grease and coffee. Color should be built into the molecular structure of each strand to avoid color fading.

Maintaining the Color of a Color-Safe Carpet

Of course, it’s important to take the standard precautions of opting for dark colors in high-traffic areas, placing protective floor mats near doors and entryways and having a maintenance plan in action. Proper maintenance like vacuuming daily will also keep stains lifted by preventing dirt and debris from building up.

The Right Fit

With so many people budget-shopping these days, it’s easy to overlook the important factors that make carpet a true value. After all, having to replace your carpeting every few years as it gets dull and dingy is certainly not a cost-effective option. By giving careful consideration to the newer carpet products on the market, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting unparalleled performance and durability for years to come. Perhaps that’s why Lees Carpet has the motto, “Relax, it’s…Lees,” because when you choose quality flooring, you can finally relax.


Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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