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Retractable Baby Gate


Baby Gates for Your Child’s Safety

A retractable baby gate keeps your child in the room you choose for them to be in for their own well-being. For example, if you are cooking in the kitchen, and you want them to stay in there with you, then simply close the gate.

The nice thing about the retractable baby gates, is that when not in use, you can open them, and you can barely tell they are attached to your wall. They simply disappear out of sight.

Keep these retractable gates in various doorways of your home to keep babies and pets contained. There are many different styles to choose from here, too, so there’s something available for every household.

Along with retractable baby gates, you will find other styles of gates, as well. From swinging door gates, to auto-close gates, you can choose from a great variety here. Keep a gate at both ends of a stairway, for your child’s safety, as well as on your front or back porch.

Near the end of the page you will even see a play gate set, that comes with 6-8 gate panels, and it can be used indoors and outdoors. It provides a safe playtime environment for babies and toddlers.

Keep your babies, toddlers, and pets safe and secure with baby gates throughout your home, and have the peace of mind you’ve always wanted!

Bindaboo B1136 Retractable Gate – White

Bindaboo B1136 Retractable Gate – WhiteView Now

Fits narrow to wider openings up to 55″/140cm • Suitable for doorways, hallways & stairs • Sturdy and durable mesh • Retracts out of the way when not in use • Space efficient • No tripping hazard • Fittings & mounting template included for easy installation • Use for indoors and outdoors • Two sets of mounting brackets included for convenient relocation • UV protected • Spacers are required when fitting gate to baseboard/skirting boards (sold separately) • UV Protected Bindaboo® Gates can be used for the safety of pets and also for children as they comply with relevant gates Standards.


Lascal Kiddyguard Safety Gate – How To install in a Doorway

Retractable Baby Gates

Keep babies safe and pets where they belong with these retractable baby gates. When they aren’t in use, they retract out of the way, and are barely visible.

Click on photos for details and pricing.

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Retract-A-Gate safety gate 72

Retract-A-Gate safety gate 72View Now

This Retract-A-Gate safety gate is available in 2 sizes. Features include:

*JPMA certified for top and bottom of the stairs
*Proven for use with cats and dogs; mesh is scratch resistant
*Allows you to walk through without completely opening
*Easy, one-hand operation
*Childproof lock on top prevents it from opening


North States Industries Superyard Play Yard, Colorplay, 8 Count

Use these colorful gates indoors or outdoors. They are made of durable, weather-proof plastic, and you can choose between an 8-panel or 6-panel set.

These colorful gates make playtime fun and safe! They are also available in gray, sand and ivory color options.

High-quality, eight-panel brightly colored play yard encloses up to 34.45 square feet.

Free-standing play yard is 26 inches high.

Non-slip pads work on any surface and will not scratch hardwood floors.

Weather resistant for safe outdoor fun and easy cleaning
Proudly made in the USA.

North States Industries Superyard Play Yard, Colorplay, 8 CountView Now

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