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Review of Turntable.FM

A room full of people on Turntable.FM

I just found out about Turntable.FM through a friend and found it interesting.

This is not just another online radio website for music lovers. It enables people to offer their favorite music selection to the general public.

As a member, you can either enter a room as a DJ or listener. Rooms can have up to 5 DJs, but the first person who enters a room is the moderator and can set the number of DJs (1 to 5) and the title of the room. Then, anyone can enter to listen to the music. If there is an empty seat, anyone can take it and play their music selection.

The music selection

The music selection can be created easily by searching for music that is already in the library or members can upload MP3s. This is perfect for songwriters who want to get their music out to the public.

The content for each room

Usually each room sticks to a specific genre of music and the most popular are alternative, hip hop, and metal. Also rooms can center around a group of artists like the Gaga room, playing mostly Lady Gaga hits.

DJs can also get booted!

If a moderator does not like your music, that person can boot you from the room and you will be “escorted” back to the library.

Songs get rated: Lame or Awesome

If listeners like your selection, they can rate it as awesome or lame. If you are chosen as lame, your song will be skipped after a certain number of lames. If your song receives a certain number of “awesomes”, the DJ gets points which can redeemed for site features like new avatars…

Check it out. I am addicted already.

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  1. What a great idea! I will be checking out turntablefm!

  2. I love this! Thank you for sharing your review of turntable fm! I know i will love it! I have a song in my head 24 hours a day, yes even when I sleep.

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