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Rolling Backpacks


Backpacks on Wheels

Wheeled Backpacks

Rolling backpacks are great for college, work and travelling. A backpack on wheels for college makes getting around campus so much easier. You won’t have to carry a heavy bag on your back when you use one of the best wheeled backpack for college that you select here.

There are also cute girl’s roller backpacks and boys’ roller backpacks featured here, so no matter what grade your child is in, you’ll find the perfect wheeled backpack for him or her right here! This page showcases some of the best kid backpacks you can find online.

So whether you’re shopping for backpacks on wheels for college students, or younger students, you’ll find a great selection to choose from here in a variety of styles and colors.

Kids will also enjoy taking these roller backpacks with them when travelling, whether for overnight stays or extended trips with the family.

Rolling Backpacks on Amazon

Jansport Superbreak Wheeled Backpack

Jansport Superbreak Wheeled Backpack (Black)

Available in several stylish colors, this roller backpack is fashionable and convenient to take with you anywhere you go. The handle retracts, so you can wear this like a backpack on your back. Or use the handle to pull or push this backpack. It’s great for school, work and travel.


Best Wheeled Backpacks for College

These rugged and durable roller backpacks are ideal for travel and for the college student. They will hold ample supplies, and are easy to maneuver around campus and the airport. These make terrific gifts for students and the busy travelers in your life.

 Rockland Luggage 17 Inch Rolling Backpack, High Sierra XBT Wheeled Backpack, Black Nike Accessories Rolling Laptop Backpack (Anthracite) High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Book Bag High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Book Bag JanSport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Jansport Driver 8 Wheeled Backpack (Navy) Samsonite Luggage Mvs Spinner Backpack, Black, CalPak Grand Stand Charcoal Unisex CalPak Awestruck 18 High Sierra Rev Wheeled Backpack, Black CalPak Winder Orange Unisex 18-inch Samsonite Wheeled Backpack, Black/Charcoal, One Size J World New York Sunrise Rolling Olympia Gen-X 19 Inch Rolling Backpack,

Samsonite Luggage Mvs Spinner Backpack

Samsonite Luggage Mvs Spinner Backpack, Black,Samsonite Luggage Mvs Spinner Backpack, Black,

Perfect for the busy professional or the college student on the go. This rolling backpack is perfect for travel, work or school.

This revolutionary product combines the grab and go functionality of a wheeled backpack with the ease of upright rolling of spinner wheels.

Rolling Backpacks for Travel

Travelers, college students, and busy adults will enjoy these rolling backpacks. They will fit perfectly into any busy schedule. Carry all you essentials, and keep them organized and handy.

 Everest Deluxe Wheeled Backpack, Navy, One HiPack 19 High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Backpack, Black High Sierra 22 Samsonite Wheeled Backpack, Black/Charcoal, One Size Olympia Gen-X 19 Inch Rolling Backpack, High Sierra AT7 Outdoor Rolling Backpack, Jansport Driver 8 Wheeled Backpack (Navy) CalPak Awestruck 18 Outdoor Products Sea-Tac Rolling Backpack CalPak Night Vision 18 High Sierra AT656 Carry On Expandable

Girls Rolling Backpacks

Rockland 19 Inch Rolling Backpack

Rockland 19 Inch Rolling Backpack

This pretty roller backpack is ideal for girls for back to school and travelling.

It’s available in 7 different colors, so there’s something for every taste and fashion style.

The retractable handle makes it easy to roll, and there are also two different types of handles, if you choose to carry this backpack.


Girls’ Rolling Backpacks

Girls of all ages will enjoy these rolling backpacks for travel or school. Fun designs and feminine colors make them a blast for girls.

 J World New York Lollipop Kids’ J World New York Sunrise, Poppy Tilami® Large Storage Luggage Bottom Fenders J World New York Sunrise Rolling J World New York Sunrise Rolling Hello Kitty Girls Iconic Collection Rolling J World New York Sunrise Rolling Full Size Purple and Blue Sisters Shopkins 16 Stephen Joseph Little Girls Rolling Backpack, Nickelodeon Girl’s Paw Patrol Rolling Backpack, Disney Girl’s Sofia The First Rolling Yodo Convertible Playful 3-Way Little Kids Disney Little Mermaid Ariel 16 Disney Girl’s Princess Rolling Backpack, Pink,

Boys Rolling Backpacks

California Pak Winder 18 Inch

California Pak Winder 18 Inch, Deep Red, One Size

This wheeled backpack is 100% Polyester, imported and has side mesh pockets.

It also has a padded wheel cover for backpack conversion and an organizer front pocket. Measures 13″ high by 18″ wide.

The front pockets add extra storage capacity, and the roomy interior will hold your laptop and all your books. Go back to school in style with this roller backpack!


Boys’ Rolling Backpacks

There’s a rolling backpack here for boys of all ages. They will enjoy the fun designs and colors of these backpacks for school or travel.

 Sumdex NewPort Vintage 15.6 J World New York Sunrise Rolling Olympia Gen-X 19 Inch Rolling Backpack Coofit Rolling Backpack for Girls Kids Disney Star Wars the Force Awakens Marvel Boys’ Avengers 12 Inch Rolling Olympia Luggage 18 Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage, Nintendo Pokemon Pikachu 16 Stephen Joseph Little Boys’ Rolling Backpack, Disney Boys’ Big Hero 6 Rolling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Boys’ Ready Disney Boys’ Toy Story Rolling Backpack, Disney Lightning McQueen Rolling Luggage Lalawow Healthy Design 2 in 1

For Kids…

Best Kid Backpacks on Wheels

Best Kid Backpacks

These are popular kids backpacks beloved by boys and girls everywhere. Kids will enjoy the characters on the roller backpacks, and they will love carrying them to school or to a friend’s house. Use them for overnight stays and extended travels, too.

 Star Wars Luggage R2D2 16 Inch J World New York Sparkle Kids J World New York Sundance Laptop J World New York Sunny Rolling Yodo Convertible Playful 3-Way Little Kids J World New York Daisy Kids’ Finding Nemo Large Rolling Backpack 16 Disney Girls’ Inside Out 12 Inch Everest Deluxe Wheeled Backpack, Navy, One Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage, Stephen Joseph Little Girls’ Rolling Everest Wheeled Backpack – Standard, Red,

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