Rolling Tool Boxes

Rolling Tool Boxes & Chests

A rolling tool box and rolling tool chests allow you to easily move your tools with you wherever you may need them!

Whether you work on cars, or are in the construction business, or you simply do a lot of work with tools at home, these products will benefit you greatly!

Keep your tools organized and handy with a rolling tool box or tool chest. You have a wonderful variety to choose from here. There are many styles and colors available in a variety of price ranges, so there’s something for everyone!

No you can work smart by keeping your tools with you everywhere you need them!

Rolling Tool Boxes & Chests

Stalwart Oversized Portable Tool Chest, Three Tool boxes in One

Stalwart 75-4650 Oversized Portable Tool Chest,

This tough and easily movable tool chest will be your new best friend for doing any project at home or on the go. Easily pack up and take your tools wherever you go, or roll them along next to you while working. This oversized portable tool chest is made up or 3 individual boxes which easily detach for convenient transport. Sturdy steel construction with reinforced injection molded polymer and a spot on each box for a lock make this the must have for any line of work.


Keter 17330605 Mastercart

Keter 17330605 Mastercart

The Keter MasterCart is a versatile rolling tool box that you can use to store a wide range of gear. Its mobile design eliminates the need to lift and carry heavy tool boxes. The detachable organizer allows you to remove a group of items without transporting the entire unit. This model also features durable construction and spacious compartments. The MasterCart was designed to ensure optimal mobility. It offers an extendable handle, bungee cord hooks and five-inch wheels with rubber tracks. This tool chest also has a small third wheel in the middle; it improves stability and makes the unit easier to turn. Despite its large size, the MasterCart only weighs about 11 pounds.


Selection of Rolling Tool Boxes & Tool Chests

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