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Roof Cleaning Methods

Not only are all roofs not the same, but even different roofs of the same type differ. Many companies apply a “one size fits all” method of cleaning roofs, although sometimes it may even damage it. There are many different types of roof cleaning, even though many companies only use one or two.

There are methods which are more environmentally friendly than others. This is of great importance to many people and should be taken into consideration when choosing a company to clean or treat a roof. Some only use harmful chemicals which can destroy not only the homeowners landscape and yard, but the environment.

A well maintained roof will last much longer than one that is neglected. Cleaning and treating a roof are a vital part of that maintanence. Not only the roof type, but the unique characteristics and environment surrounding the area should be taken into consideration when deciding to go ahead with roof cleaning. Here are some factors which often lead to roof cleaning:

  • UV Damage. Cedar shingles are often the victim of UV damage, but it can happen to any roof.
  • Moss. Very common in some areas and can cause extensive damage
  • Debris. Often from the surrounding trees, and it often can be a precursor for moss and algae
  • Algae
  • Appearance. Some people just want a better looking roof or better curb appeal


Types of Roof Cleaning Methods

Now that we’ve gone over why roof cleaning may be neccessary, it’s time to discuss some of the many ways to have this accomplished. All Surface Cleaning Company, in Portland Oregon uses the following:

  • Low Pressure Air Blowing
  • High Pressure Air Blowing
  • Hand Brushing
  • Broom Sweeping
  • Detergent Washing
  • Low Pressure Rinsing
  • Low Pressure/High Volume Power Washing

Roof Treatments

Once the roof is clean, it is time to consider a treatment to help keep the roof from any further damage from whatever source. Roof cleaning Portland may recommend the following:

  • Moss Prevention Treatments
  • Cedar Roof Treatments
  • Self Cleaning Cedar Roof Treatments
  • Pre-Cleaning Treatment
  • Post-Cleaning Treatment

Don’t Neglect Roof Cleaning

Whether you are going to attempt the job yourself or call in the professionals, having the roof cleaned properly along with proper maintanence can add years to the roof life. Unless you are comfortable moving about on the roof, and familiar with cleaning them, it may be best to have it done professionally. Green, environmentally friendly options are available for those who request it

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